Friday June 2nd, 2017 @ 7.30

Intermission: PARCON NYC

Project East Harlem

Choreographers: PARCON NYC

Collaborators: House of Duende

Performers: Cecilia Fontanesi, Funda Gul, Richard Kim, Andrew Suseno (there will be 5 more dancers, names to be updated)  / Length:15min/ Photo by Marie Noyale


"Project East Harlem" brings together two groups of dancers from different dance forms and with diverse ethnic backgrounds: Parcon NYC (Contact Improvisation/Parkour) and House of Duende (African diaspora dance). "Project East Harlem" is an interdisciplinary movement creation in which the dancers will engage in reciprocal sharing and in mutually-influenced artistic creation.     


arcon NYC is a collective dedicated to challenging the connection between the environment and social relationships, through play, movement, touch, and reflection. Parcon is a newly-emerging movement form started in Harlem in 2015 by individuals from the Contact Improvisation and Parkour scenes of New York. The African Diaspora dancers from the House of Duende - a dance studio / creative space in East Harlem - blend dynamic Contemporary Dance with traditional world folk dances. They are dedicated to presenting sociocultural issues and addressing them through the healing elements of dance.


Anabella Lenzu/ DanceDrama

No more beautiful dances

Choreographer & Performer: Anabella Lenzu

Collaborators: Todd Carroll Music Landscape and Photo & Video projections.

Music: Todd Carroll /   Length: 15min  / Photo by Todd Carroll


Gaia wrestles with the ideas of exploration, introspection and reframing a woman after becoming a mother, and being an inmigrant. Through real and fantastic characters, Lenzu’s dance theater piece uses spoken word, music landscapes and photo projections to tell a personal vision of femininity, and what it means to be a woman today.


Originally from Argentina, Anabella Lenzu is a dancer, choreographer and teacher with over 25 years experience working in Argentina, Chile, Italy and the USA. Her choreography has been commissioned all over the world, for opera, TV programs, theatre productions, and by many dance companies. Lenzu has written for various dance and arts magazines, and published her first book in 2013, entitled Unveiling Motion and Emotion. The book contains writings in Spanish and Englis pedagogy.




Director: Williams Tattoli / Artist: Troilo / Sound design: Williams Tattoli /Text & Art-direction: Troilo / In collaboration with: Magnitudo Film / Duration: 5 min


This video can be considered as the "9th canvas" of the Paolo Troilo's NYC solo exhibit "8 IN THE NAME OF THE FATHERs" at the Italian Consulate in Park Ave. May 25th to Sept. 8th 2017.

Written by the same hand who has painted the beautiful 8 canvas presented at the NYC exhibit, this video represents a personal trip through the awareness of knowing, loosing and becoming "father", in all the meanings and shapes that "father" may have.


Douglas Dunn + Dancers

Oh Acis

Choreographer: Douglas Dunn

Performers: Douglas Dunn, Emily Pope, Paul Singh

Music: Polifemo by Giovanni Battista Bononcini

Length: 10 minutes  / Photo  by Tom Caravaglia


Oh Acis is a trio dancing the story from Ovid’s Metamorphoses of the lovers Acia and Galatea.


Douglas Dunn, a graduate of Princeton University, has been dancing and making dances for forty-three years. He collaborates with poets, painters, sculptors, musicians, composers and playwrights to offer a multifaceted theatrical experience. He has set pieces for many companies besides his own, including the Paris Opera Ballet, and has composed numerous outdoor and site-specific events. Awards include a Guggenheim, a Bessie, and Chevalier in the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Douglas produces Salons at his studio in Soho, and is a Board Member Emeritus of Danspace Project. His book Dancer Out of Sight is available at  


Experimental Film Virginia (Film)


Director/Editor: Matthieu Edel / Performers: Berenice Alfonso, Jingqiu Guan, Emmanuel Mallette, Mikie Thomas / Production Assistant: Dee McDonough/Gaffer, Kat Cameron / Music: Autechre / Sound: Nathalie Marschall Duration: 1:54

The short dance film was produced by Experimental Film Virginia during the annual summer residency and artist retreat in Cape Charles, Virginia and directed by Matthieu Edel a French film maker and editor.





Compañía Improvisada

A los Pies de Europa

Choreographer: Henar Fuentetaja & Miguel Tornero

Collaborators: DroneSpain,, Sara Escribano Maenza, Anaïs Duperrein

Performers: Henar Fuentetaja, Miguel Tornero

Music:Vivaldi, Rob Costlow, Serenity Frontier

Additional Credits: Project supported by Valencia’s Council (Spain) and Espacio Inestable (Graneros de Creación 2016)

Props by: Der Grüne Punkt 

Length: 23min  / Photp by Maria Tornero


This piece investigates and reflects on perspective, physical, geographic and emotional limits and changes they provoke us. It’s a tribute to all the millions of citizens who, with their everyday realities, walk each day with their feet to build the present of the territory we inhabit beyond the establishment. 


Henar Fuentetaja: Graduated in Classical Dance and Degree in Dance Pedagogy by Dance Conservatory of Madrid. She completes her studies in Cuba National Ballet, NDT Holland, PARTS Belgium, Scotland and Canada. Had worked for Michelle Man and Friends, Valencian Choreographic Center, Choreographic Center La Gomera-Martin Padrón Danse Compagnie, EgriBianco Danza, Ananda Dansa, Britta Lieberknecht, Teatro Real de Madrid. Miguel Tornero: Graduated in Contemporary Dance by Dance Studio Maria Carbonell. He regularly broadcasts his training in and outside Spain. Had worked with Ananda Dansa, Mou Dansa, Britta Lieberknecht & Company, Tejido Conectivo. Currently they develop their work as dancers, choreographers and teachers at their own project CocinandoDanza and dance company Compañía Improvisada.



PRE SHOW  - Evol /Gessica Cipriano   


Choreographer & Performer : Gessica Cipriano

Photo by Evoldanza

Gestures are common to support an Italian verbal communication. They express the wish to establish a form of relationship. The two hands communicate like two beings: they are two different separate individuals, but their essence is the same. So, they share a story.


Gessica Cipriano is an Italian dancer, teacher and choreographer. She danced in Italy in ballet and contemporary dance companies, musicals, contemporary installations. She recently moved to NJ to collaborate with some NYC based choreographers. She graduated as a ballet teacher in   Teatro  alla Scala of Milano in 2012. "Teatro Stalker" of Torino, Italy, supported her in starting her own company because she won the selection for choreographers "Artisti in Casa" in 2014.  EvolDanza is her dance company and her dance school. She has a Master Degree in Health Psychology as she is interested in exploring the human nature by working with the dance.


Angelo Silvio Vasta / Caterino Rago


Choreographer: Caterina Rago

Performers: Caterina Rago Dance Company

Set Designer: Pier Paolo Bisleri

Sculptor: Davide di Donato

Costums designer: Karen Young

Length: 5 min / Photo by Angelo Silvio Vasta


After Caterina Rago Dance Company premiered at New York Live Arts in October 2016 with a production called "Labir Into", dance filmmaker Angelo Vasta decided to take an extract of it and put it on camera. Vasta’s new work brings a dance piece from the stage of an indoor theater to the outdoor world, allowing the viewer to witness and explore the infinite ways cinematography and film can change the perspective of a live performance. Labir Into is a ballet that treads the human inner path. A pathway that we are obligated to pass through to rediscover out true essence. Labyrinth is metaphor of life, the mirror of our soul.


Angelo Silvio Vasta is a New York-based filmmaker from Milan, Italy. His work explores the infinite ways choreography and performance can be expressed through moving images. In the past years he has produced a series of short dance films for dance companies and individual dancers both in New York City and abroad. His work includes music videos, short films, video-portraits, and promotional clips. In 2014 he was awarded for his excellence in Visual Design at the 35th Fine Cuts Film Show at The New School in NYC. Angelo received his BFA in International Politics from University of Milan, Italy and his Certificate in Film Production from The New School.




Choreographer: Yoshito Sakuraba (Company: Abarukas)

Dance Artists /Performers: Lizzy Zevallos, Alex Tenreiro Theis, Allie Kronick, Cesar Brodermann, Lissa Smith, Margarett Jones, Grace Whitworth.

Length:30min  / Photo by Steven Pisano


Choreographer Yoshito Sakuraba is a storyteller whose inspired works deal mostly with human feelings and experiences. For his new "Bernadac," the choreography is informed by a woman's repetitive journey to her fatality.   The expressive and athletic company of dancers boast credits that include Hubbard Street Dance, Parsons, Gallim, and more.                                                                                                                                


Yoshito Sakuraba left his native Japan to move to New York at age 19. He received his BA in Dance from Manhattanville College as a scholarship student and continued studies at the Martha Graham School.  He won the International Dance Competition at Northwest Dance Project. He was commissioned to create a work from Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, followed by a residency at Kaatsbaan. His work has been shown at Jacob's Pillow Inside/Out Series in 2014 and 2016, the Booking Dance Festival at Jazz at Lincoln Center, LaMaMa E.T.C. Dance Festival, NY1, Bric TV Live, and more. Abarukas was founded in 2012.


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