Friday 22nd program

photo by Natasha Mynhier




Choreographer: Christian DeLuna Zuno

Collaborator: Marcello Agudo

Co-Cinematographer and Editor, Alex Hanini Co-Cinematographer

Music: How to Dress Well - “& it was you”

Dance Artists: Christian DeLuna Zuno, Kayla McFarlan, Holly Sass, Stacey Yuen


The project came about as a collaboration between NYU students in the department of Film and Dance. Here the dancers were encouraged to interact and explore their own physical structures and/or with one another.

The powder was used as counterpart to the physical rhythm and to show an outside element from the dancers.


Christian De Luna Zuno is a Mexican born dancer and a New York based artist. He completed the BDC's Summer Internship, and has recently graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a B.F.A. in Dance Performance. Christian completed his degree as an Honors Graduate and thanks the Tisch Dean’s Scholars and Gates Millennium Scholarship for their full financial support on his undergraduate career. While at NYU he performed repertoire by Nathan Trice, Charlotte Boye-Christensen, and Crystal Pite. Christian has performed as a member of Colorado Springs Dance Theater, Seventh Project and Ballet Hispanico’s second company (BHdos) . He has been featured in ads in Dance Magazine and Dance Spirit Magazine.


photo by Theik Smith




Choreographer: Alessandra Giambelli

Visual Designer:  Francesco Izzo

Music/Composer:Telefon Tel Aviv, Jon Hopkins

Dance Artists: Elise Ritzel, Claudia Germuga


The idea of the project is to record excerpts of the dancer's life during the months prior the performance, to show how all the memories and facts of a dancer's life affect the performance itself. All the material will be gathered in a sequence to be projected while the dancing is happening in order to create a “conversation” between the dancer and the projection. Because an artist brings on stage all the experience she/he had until the performance, allowing him/her becoming oneself with the piece.


Born and raised in Italy, Alessandra Giambelli is the Founder, Artistic Director and Choreographer of Alessandra Giambelli + Dancers. Her works have been presented at The Ailey Citigroup Theater, The Perfomance Lab, Greenspace Blooms, The Dance Gallery Festival and at The Boston Contemporary Dance Festival. Giambelli is a faculty member at The Ailey School teaching Ballet and Horton technique. She also taught masterclasses at Syracuse University (NY), Manhattan Movement Arts Center (NY), M.A.S (Italy). Since her arrival in the United States, Giambelli attracted prestigious choreographers and artists such as Nick Cave, Alonzo King, Manuel Vignoulle, Maurya Kerr, Robert Sher-Machherndl, Norbert De la Cruz III and Bennyroyce Royon as mentors as collaborators. She performed with the Nomad Contemporoary Ballet, BODYART Dance Company, Nathan Trice Rituals, Lydia Johnson Dance and Benjamin Briones Ballet.

photo by Corey Melton



ME-CHANICAL # moving images

Choreographer: Vanessa Tamburi

Multimedia Artist: Tracy Collins

Music edited by: Vanessa Tamburi

Props by: Tracy Collins

Dance Artists: Alexandra Isaeva – Nile Baker


The piece explores the relationship between man and machines.

Machines influence us and often replace our body and spirit, modelling against our freedom as human beings, the very essence of our personality.  The projected life ME-CHANICAL's moving images are the result of the collaboration with the multimedia artist Tracy Collins.


Vanessa Tamburi worked as a solo dancer for important European theaters (the Ballet of Montercarlo, the Hamburg Ballet and the Vienna Opera Ballet).  Over the years, she developed experimental  work, melding dance with theatre, visual and multimedia arts. Her choreographies have been performed in Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and the United States. In 2007 she established the "FLUSSO Dance Project".  She is the Artistic Advisor of the Visa 2 Dance and Time2dance dance festivals in Tanzania and the Artistic Director of IDACO nyc. Since 2011 she lives and works in NYC. She is an associate artist of New York Live Arts.


photo by Charlie Wan




Choreographer: Gregory Dolbashian in collaboration with The DASH

Dance Artists: DASH Ensemble (different artists everynight)


Gregory Dolbashian came together with his DASH Ensemble to explore the idea of contemporary dance inhabiting the entire lobby of the Sheen Center. With extreme physicality and vibrant personality, the work pushes the limits of traditional performance, bringing its audience very close into a world of intense relationships and daring movement. The lobby simply provides an insight into the movement and theatrical world of The DASH and acts as a connection.



Choreographer: Gregory Dolbashian in collaboration with The DASH

Dance Artists: Christopher Ralph, Elena Valls, Isaies Santamaria Perez, Lauren Santos, Lilja Ruriksdottir, Gregory Dolbashian

Music/Composer, if any: Clams Casino, Olafur Arnalds, and Swod


The RE-Up is an ever-changing performance piece by The DASH. It contains elements of previous works mixed with current ideas based on the circumstance which it is performed in. The piece is consistently being “re-upped” and refreshed by its creators.


The DASH Ensemble is a New York City based contemporary dance group founded and directed by Gregory Dolbashian. Combining elements of modern, hip hop, floor work and physical theater Dolbashian has created his own unique style of contemporary dance with an urban flair. The DASH seeks to bring out relatable human elements in all of its work using its complex and challenging movement language to express ideas about growth, love, loss, war, and determination. With a group of six incredibly diverse artists both in style and cultures, Dolbashian pulls from the specialties of each artist to help create the fusions of styles that the DASH exhibits. These skills range from breakdancing, flexing, contemporary floor work, intricate partnering, and even a touch of classicism.


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