Saturday 23rd program

photo by Hayato Sakurai




Lyrics & movement: Sara Galassini

Life Musician:  Yukio Tsuji

Music Composition: Sara Galas Band

Artists: Sara Galassini, Yukio Tsuji


REFLECT-I-ON is an original music-dance-theatre performance created by the Sara Galas Band. The project is a work in progress exploration of the inconsistency and oppositions of human behavior, personal power and the four bodies of existence.

Yukio Tsuji's acoustic improvisations fuse the Band's compositions with movement and text by Sara Galassini. 


In 1012, actor/singer songwriter Sara Galassini and composer/musician Yukio Tsuji form the Sara Galas Band. A dynamic Duo whose eclectic sound takes root in the tradition of Italian music but creates rhythmic and melodic motifs that belong to the world of jazz, rock, reggae, bossa nova, tango, flamenco and folk music. They have performed in NYC Lounges and Theaters (Karma Bar & Lounge, Alphabet Lounge, Japan Society, Nightingale Lounge, LIC Bar, La MaMa, Cafe' Vivaldi, Dixon Place, Ballaro', the Nuyorican Poets Cafe', Ella Lounge, the Great Hall at Cooper Square), at the Spoleto54 Festival and the Fringe Festival in Umbria. 


Photo by Gartano Alfano





Choreographer: Alessia Della Casa

Photographer:  Gaetano Alfano

Dance Artist: Alessia Della Casa, Carmen Caceres.

Music/Composer:  Zeno Gabaglio


IN-MOBILITY is a multidisciplinary performance that explores movement and the absence of movement respectively in dance, photography and music.

Dance as a flow of movement leaves no trace of itself but the in intangible moment in which it happens. Photography as a witness represents a static instant which has passed. Music as a composition of sound and rest, evokes movement and stillness.


Originally from Switzerland, Alessia Della Casa studied at the Ballet Academy in Riga, Latvia. In 2009 she moved to New York and received a scholarship at the Cunningham Studio. In New York Alessia danced for various NYC based artists and started developing her choreographies, her work was presented at various Festivals both in New York and Switzerland. From 2013 she is the founder and artistic director of the festival Ticino in Danza.


photo by Charlie Wan




Choreographer: Gregory Dolbashian in collaboration with The DASH

Dance Artists: DASH Ensemble (different artists everynight)


Gregory Dolbashian came together with his DASH Ensemble to explore the idea of contemporary dance inhabiting the entire lobby of the Sheen Center. With extreme physicality and vibrant personality, the work pushes the limits of traditional performance, bringing its audience very close into a world of intense relationships and daring movement. Each night of the of peformance in the lobby simply provides an insight into the movement and theatrical world of The DASH and acts as a connection between the pieces and the artists.


The DASH Ensemble is a New York City based contemporary dance group founded and directed by Gregory Dolbashian. Combining elements of modern, hip hop, floor work and physical theater Dolbashian has created his own unique style of contemporary dance with an urban flair. The DASH seeks to bring out relatable human elements in all of its work using its complex and challenging movement language to express ideas about growth, love, loss, war, and determination. With a group of six incredibly diverse artists both in style and cultures, Dolbashian pulls from the specialties of each artist to help create the fusions of styles that the DASH exhibits. These skills range from breakdancing, flexing, contemporary floor work, intricate partnering, and even a touch of classicism.


Photo by Vivo Ballet

VIVO Ballet




VIVO Production

Choreographers: Enzo Celli / Elisabetta Minutoli

Music: various artists

Text & Costumes: Enzo Celli.

Photos by: Pierre Andrè Transunto

Dance Artists: Elisabetta Minutoli, Simona Cutrignelli, Giulia Mancini, Alice Papa, Giulia Donati, Mimosa Achtner


"Zonton" by Enzo Celli, from the ancient Greek Living, is the new performance

choreographed by Enzo Celli for VIVO Ballet. "Zonton" celebrates life and the deeper meaning of it.

It celebrates the life that stubbornly proceeds at the expense of human jokes, of mediocrity, of human baseness."Zonton" celebrates the weaknesses that can be transformed into virtues, it celebrates those people who allow love to forge themselves. "Zonton" is the abandonment to the beauty that will save the world.


Experimentation and research are the key to the interpretation of Enzo Celli’s work. In 2013 Igal Perry has asked Enzo Celli, Ohad Naharin, Dwight Rhoden and Sidra Bell, to create new work for Peridance Contemporary Dance Company.

Below are some of the choreographer’s most important works and collaborations: In June 2006 he was one of the choreographers of the event “L’amour et son amour, l’uomo che danza e la sua aspirazione”, performed by Roberto Bolle, Vladimir Derevianko and Viviana Durante at Todi Festival; in June 2006 Botega Dance Company, together with Alvin Ailey Company, Bèjart Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet and Staatsballet München, he joined at the Dance Gala “Amores”; in 2008 Enzo Celli collaborated with the Russian Drama Theatre; and performed at the Na Strastnom Theatre in Moscow. In October 2008 performed “Subway” at La Cigale Theatre in Paris. In 2010 he was a guest at the Erfurt Opera House (Germany). His latest work, Giselle, debuted at Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome with fifteen minutes of applause in November 2014.

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