Thursday 21st program

photo by Amaris Dance



a-SymMetrics (FILM)

Choreographer: Alexandra Amirov

Dance Artists: Caitlin Bailey, Camilla Davis

Director of Photography: William H. Watkins


a-SymMetrics, a site-specific dance-on-camera piece.  Assisi Italy, March, 2015

“Assisi, Italy; commitment, dedication, search, struggle, purity, authenticity of oneself, of internal depth, and the depth of space.Goal: Dissect and put back together. Portray a sense of depth and three-dimensionality.”


Alexandra Amirov founded Amaris Dance in 2012. The company has performed in a wide variety of venues, including the La MaMa Club, Dixon Place, Green Space, Movement Research, Spoke the Hub, and The Ailey CitiGroup Theater.  In 2012, she won the Director’s Choice Award from the Gowanus Arts Center for her piece, Black Cuts Body.  The following year she received the Best Choreography award from Hunter College for her piece, Shi’vah. Alex has been teaching dance since 2008 in NY, NJ and LI. 


photo by Mauro Raponi

BENEDETTA CAPANNA / Compagnia Excursus

DANZE ROTTE... nella bolla di Pasolini  (BROKEN DANCES... in the bubble of Pasolini)

Choreographer: Benedetta Capanna

Video:  Mauro Raponi

Music consultant: Vittorio Giannelli

Dance Artist: Benedetta Capanna


Rome, between exclusiveness and exclusion, city which first praises you and then abandons you, it is the ideal place where one’s ardent solitude is given a meaning and perhaps where it finally passes away. It is a walk through the everyday of Roman life, inspired by one of the greatest Italian poets and intellectuals: Pasolini.


Benedetta Capanna, in her career as dancer and choreographer toured extensively in Europe, North\South America and Japan.  In Italy she has received residency and grants for several productions collaborating with many composers and visual artists. She worked as choreographer in productions for the Teatro Diana of Naples, for the Teatro Colosseo in Rome and Teatro Potlach. She collaborated with the Academy of Arts in Rome. She has been choreographer and dancer  for the welcoming of Prince Harry at the Maxxi and guest choreographer for the presentation of Video Centres on Italian dance. Since 2013 she collaborates as choreographer with the Dance Company Excursus.


photo by Charlie Wan




Choreographer: Gregory Dolbashian in collaboration with The DASH

Dance Artists: DASH Ensemble (different artists everynight)


Gregory Dolbashian came together with his DASH Ensemble to explore the idea of contemporary dance inhabiting the entire lobby of the Sheen Center. With extreme physicality and vibrant personality, the work pushes the limits of traditional performance, bringing its audience very close into a world of intense relationships and daring movement. Each night of the of peformance in the lobby simply provides an insight into the movement and theatrical world of The DASH and acts as a connection between the pieces and the artists.


The DASH Ensemble is a New York City based contemporary dance group founded and directed by Gregory Dolbashian. Combining elements of modern, hip hop, floor work and physical theater Dolbashian has created his own unique style of contemporary dance with an urban flair. The DASH seeks to bring out relatable human elements in all of its work using its complex and challenging movement language to express ideas about growth, love, loss, war, and determination. With a group of six incredibly diverse artists both in style and cultures, Dolbashian pulls from the specialties of each artist to help create the fusions of styles that the DASH exhibits. These skills range from breakdancing, flexing, contemporary floor work, intricate partnering, and even a touch of classicism.


Photo by Claudio Cavalieri


Preghiera / Prayer

Choreographer: Carla Vannucchi

Dance Artist: Flavia Bruni

Music: Luigi Boccherini 'Stabat Mater'

Costume designer: Cledes (Bologna)

Light designer: Ricardo Viviani

Company Assistant: Diana Del Monte


Prayer is a short solo that was meditated and conceived at a particular time in the life of choreographer (Carla Vannucchi). Beyond faith, it is a reflection about parenting, specifically on maternity, that is externalized and exalted not only in the moment of conception but also in the moment to let your child go beyond your own will.

It is tribute to all the mothers who survive their children and then keep on going with their lives with the feeling that they still hold them in their arms. The strongest image that the chorographer has worked on is the Pietas of Michelangelo, not so much for the sculptural form, but mainly for the emotions that it brings forth watching, and the images of the nativity and Madonna from the masters of the Middle Ages up to Giacomo Manzu'.


Carla Vannucchi graduated in Science of Sport Education and in Pedagogy at Bologna University, she improved her dance techniques in Rome at “Danza Prospettiva”-Vittorio Biagi and "Centro Professionale Danza Contemporanea"-Elsa Piperno and in New York (Alvin Ailey School, Laban Centre, Merce Cunningham Studio, Limòn Foundation, Movement Research and Nikolais Studio).

She spent her career as dancer, assistant choreographer, maître of contemporary and ballet techniques in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria (Liz King, Ismael Ivo, Marcia Haidée, Itzik Galili, etc.).  In 1997 she founded  "Formazione Danza"; in her work as a choreographer there is a fusion of various dance techniques with the traditions of butoh and tanztheater. The solo 'Frida Portrait' - commissioned and created for Kitty Lunn / Infinity Dance Theater - was premiered at Joyce in May 2009.


Photo by Vladimir Weinstein



TUNNEL CITY (“Thought thinks, it sees the imagination“ Bruno Munari).

Artistic & video concept by: Andrea Bianconi

Choreography by: Vanessa Tamburi

Video editing by: Sebasten Sanza de Santamaria

Music by: S. Sanza de Maria & Vanessa Tamburi

Dance Artists: Alexandra Isaeva, Clarissa Fattoruso, Christian DeLuna-Zuno


TUNNEL CITY is an interaction between a moving visual text and dancers, which communicates a flow of thoughts.

The project is based on Andrea Bianconi’s book ROMANCE. The projected moving visual text is a blend of construction and deconstruction, of closing and opening, of intimacy and extroversion:  an endless chain of associated signs, reflecting thoughts projected on moving bodies.


Vanessa Tamburi worked as a solo dancer for important European theaters (the Ballet of Montercarlo, the Hamburg Ballet and the Vienna Opera Ballet).  Over the years, she developed experimental work, melding dance with theatre, visual and multimedia arts. Her choreographies have been performed in Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and the United States. In 2007 she established the "FLUSSO Dance Project".  She is the Artistic Advisor of the Visa 2 Dance and Time2dance dance festivals in Tanzania and the Artistic Director of IDACO nyc. Since 2011 she lives and works in NYC. She is an associate artist of New York Live Arts.

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