Friday,  May 27th 2016 @ 7.30 

Photo by Alessandro Rizzi

Anna Savanelli


Performer: Anna Savanelli

Music: Jocelyn Pook, Hanayo, Woven Hand

Costumes: Anna Savanelli

Pictures: Alberto Moretti -   Duration: 15 min

The research of a ritual, of the common mantra that is comfortable for us, a coming full circle that strangles us.

The apple that is both sour and sweet, the apple that is the temptress of the sin, the apple that draws the borderline of action and it represents the heart beating, the own limits, but also the possibility to go further by getting rid of one’s habits and by expiating the own faults. A path that is not concluded, it remains uncertain, it creates and destroyes itself and it is alive thanks to its continuous transformati


She studied classical and modern dance at Piccolo Teatro di Udine. Since 2005 she dances with Compagnia Arearea directed by Roberto Cocconi for the production of various shows both indoor and outdoor. Since 2013 she dances with Compagnia Bellanda composed by breakers and directed by Giovanni Leonarduzzi. She dances in a piece that won Martelive prize (Rome 2014) and that was finalist in Masdanza19 (Canarie Islands). Since 2012 she teaches contemporary dance. In 2013 she is selected in the Biennale College Danza directed by Virgilio Sieni (Venice) and she dances with the coreographer Thomas Lebrun for an outdoor piece. She participates to various workshop in Italy and Europe.



Photo by Renata Sheppard

Virginia Experimental Film / COORPI

Some Stories are True that Never Happened (FILM)

Photography DOP  by Dario Orlandi

Editing by  Paolo Favaro

Sound  by Paolo Armao

Music: Sonata in E Minor, Antonio Vivaldi suonato da Gabriele Agretti

Set design: Renata Sheppard

Costumes Renata Sheppard

Length: 5:36 minutes

This film was produced thanks to an artistic residency and collaboration between Experimental Film Virginia, Coordinamento di Danza Piemonte and Piemonte dal Vivo. It was shot on location in the city of Torino and Collegno at Lavanderia a Vapore.

Inspired by historical accounts of magic in the city of Turin, this short film plays inside abandoned spaces, dreams and possible futures imagined by a young boy. Invited by the distant sound of a cello, he navigates a series of hallways and long rooms, meeting iconic figures and everyday people: his connection to the characters and spaces is both a puzzle—and the point.


Renata Sheppard As a Fulbright Scholar, Henry Luce Scholar, Kate Neal Kinley Fellow, and US Embassy Artist Research grantee, she has been recognized for her innovative engagement of dance across discipline and continues to pioneer the way that dance and body intelligence intersect with research, social media, human behavior and public interactives as well as choreographic stage, film and site specific work. She has presented internationally in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Tunisia, India, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Canada, and throughout the US.



Photo by Natalie Deryn

VIVO Ballet  

DISGELO  /  SOLAR (World Premiere)

Choreography, text, lighting & costumes by Enzo Celli

Performers:  Enzo Celli & Elisabetta Minutoli

Music: AAVV  - Duration:40 min

Production by VIVO Ballet

Solar investigates the individual perspective of the inner thawing, analyzing the personal consequences that flow from it, until we reach the new discovery of the "other me", the "other me" that because of his humanity leads back the ability to love to transcendence.

In scene two strongly dreamlike characters, highly improbable, that find their fulfillment only in being together. A love story with an unusual simplicity, from which, however, comes a capacity to love, in part lost.


Experimentation and research are the key elements of choreographer Enzo Celli’s work, power his unconditional love for contemporary dance and theatre. His relentless curiosity gave birth to a structured technique permeated by poetry and aiming to become part of the current Avant-garde. Even though Celli has codified a technical language belonging to the contemporary dance field called MEME, it is the use of simple gestures appreciated by the audience that the essence of his poetic language reveals itself. Enzo Celli’s work, focusing on man, from the start has aimed to create an uncommon poetic language able to deal with sociological topics. His latest work, Giselle, debuted at Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome with fifteen minutes of applause in November 2014.




Video credits: Martin Henson and Satoko Sugiyama
Performers in the video: Andrew Suseno, Javaka Steptoe, Cecilia Fontanesi, Dean James Beckwith, Richard Kim, Jesse Danger, Cristian Navarro

PARCON emerges when we allow the environment to become a partner in our dance through contact.
Parcon may be performed with one person, but usually with two or more dancers becoming components of each other's environment. This makes it impossible to think in terms of subject/object. Practitioners become both environment and dancer. From this perspective, even the floor becomes something not to be danced on, but with. Our investigation began in East Harlem in 2015 with members of the NYC contact improvisation community and the parkour community via Movement Creative.


Andrew Suseno is a movement research activist choreographing a relationship between biomechanics, intention, and local community using his expertise in physical therapy, contact improvisation, and somatic practices.
Javaka Steptoe is an eclectic young artist, designer, and illustrator, building a national reputation as an outstanding contributor to the genre of children’s literature.Cecilia Fontanesi is a dancer, contact improviser, and movement analyst, combining her performative practice with research in neuroscience and dance/movement therapy.
Dean James Beckwith is a performance artist, playwright, and lyricist, interested in developing emergent complexity through ensemble improvisation.Richard Kim is a CI dancer, teacher, and organizer, as well as an improvising musician, technologist, and lawyer. His blog is
Martin Henson and Satoko Sugiyama have worked on hundreds of independent films and television commercials for NBC, HBO and TLC.



Photo by Carla Falconetti

DaCru Dance Company


Choreographers: Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighanì

Dance Artists /Performers:  Omid Ighani, Samar Khorwash, Paolo Ricotta, Serena Stefani, Claudia Taloni, Tiziano Vecchi, Afshin Varjavandi

Music: Omid Ighani - Editing

Visual Artist: Samar Khorwash

Light designer: Gianluca Cappelletti   

Duration: 40 min

5 cm per second: its the speed of cherry blossom falling on the ground.

Their pale colour and the their short existence are symbols of fragility but, at the same time, of extreme beauty. An enchantment to tell and to live. Wind and petals: this is what the narration is about.

The DaCru dance company project starts in 1996, with the artistic joint venture between Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani, the most representative choreographers in the Italian urban dance scene.This is where the experimentation of mixing urban dance and theatre, thought as physical space, which was at the time totally unknown to street culture, actually takes its origin. In this marginal land, the two choreographers bring a new path for hip hop theatre to life, extending to anything hip hop contamination may involve, blending the hip hop technical gesture together with house dance, contemporary dance, jazz rock and innovative breaking.



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