Saturday, May 28th 2016 @ 5.30 - Experiment


PRE-SHOW: EvolDanza


Choreographer & Performer : Gessica Cipriano
Gestures are common to support an Italian verbal communication. They express the wish to establish a form of relationship. The two hands communicate like two beings: they are two different separate individuals, but their essence is the same. So, they share a story.


Gessica Cipriano is an Italian dancer, teacher and choreographer. She danced in Italy in ballet and contemporary dance companies, musicals, contemporary installations. She recently moved to NJ to collaborate with some NYC based choreographers. She graduated as a ballet teacher in Teatro alla Scala of Milano in 2012. "Teatro Stalker" of Torino, Italy, supported her in starting her own company because she won the selection for choreographers "Artisti in Casa" in 2014.  EvolDanza is her dance company and her dance school. She has a Master Degree in Health Psychology as she is interested in exploring the human nature by working with the dance.



Photo by Khensani Mathebula


Khensani Mathebula & Dancers


Choreographer: Khensani Mathebula

Collaborator: Carrie Swim

Performers:  Tyler Clark, Hanna Kim, Martha Lavery, Chelsea Parron.

Music: Soweto String Quartet , Christina Perri, The Cinematic Orchestra, Bethel Music & Jenn Johnson

Duration : 15 min                    

Khensani & Carrie present Colors of Glass to discuss the tension and opportunity of tradition. Carrie’s artwork is reminiscent of glass-stained windows. The journey expresses the sometimes confining experience of custum in faith. Then approaches this tradition as a foundation and opportunity for freedom – to engage the body in discovering faith in a unique way reflecting the contemporary world.      


Khensani Mathebula was  discovered in her hometown Johannesburg, Soth Africa, and recruited to the competitive Ailey/ Fordham BFA program. A recipient of the Emily Blavatnik/Ailey Artistic Scholarship and National Scholarship for Dance from Cathsseta, she graduated Cum Laude in Dance and Political Science in 2015. Her choreography stood out at the Ailey School: being given the opportunity to set up work on the sophomore, junior and senior classes. She was also one of four students selected to present a production of new original work as and indipendant Choreographer.    




photo by Desiree DeLoach

Forza Malizia Dance Company


Choreography by : Michael Bishop

Performers: Michael Bishop, Claudia Maciejuk, and Courtney Schumacher

Costumes by: Michael Bishop,

Music: Antonio Vivaldi  -  Duration : 6 min

Enjoy “Lost in Hibernation,” an excerpt from Forza Malizia Dance Company’s production, “To Turn under Heaven: an Homage to Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons.’” The piece explores the changing seasons of all our lives -  music, rhythm and poetry.


Forza Malizia Dance Co. was officially incorporated in the state of New York on April 7, 2014.  Since the company’s incorporation Forza Malizia has produced four shows, and developed partnerships with The Point Community Development Corporation, The Hispanic Federation, and El Museo del Barrio. Forza Malizia, based out of the Bronx and Harlem, is a culturally rooted, community minded, multi-genre dance company whose goal is to share the art of dance with ALL people - doing everything with purpose, passion, and FORZA (Italian meaning of strength).  


Photo by Heloïse Haddad

Noemi Di Gregorio


Choreographer & props: Noemi Di Gregorio

Performers: Kotone Ogasawara, Elisa Schreiber, McKenzie Rose, Saioa Andre Lopez

Music: “We insist” by Zoe Keating

Costumes partially by Romina Sotirova    - Duration: 4min

Description of Work (50 words max): “Piume” explores the eternal theme about the combat between the good and the bad forces in a new way. When beauty, vulnerability and strength aren’t clearly assignable to the evil or the good, the lines become blurred. Who will win?


Noemi Di Gregorio received her dance education in Switzerland and NYC. As a dancer and figure skater she performed with productions in Europe, Asia, Canada and the US. As a choreographer she has been working on pieces for dance and figure skating. Her work has been shown in NYC and Switzerland. Some pieces were premiered in NYC as part of shows by Spark Movement Collective, a NYC dance company Noemi was a member of for 4 years. As a dance teacher, Noemi enjoys to convey the passion of dance to her students and letting them find their authenticity through movement.



Photo by Corey Melton

Lone King [Projects by Marissa Brown


Choreographer: Marissa Brown

Dance Artists /Performers: Marissa Brown + Lindsay Harwell

Video by: Janaye Brown

Music/Composer, if any: Ethel Smith, Kyu Sakamoto, and Chet Baker

Duration: 11min

Lone King [Projects by Marissa Brown] premiers a new work in collaboration with visual artist Janaye Brown. "19 Nervous Breakdowns" examines past loves through the overlap of video and movement


Marissa Brown is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. She graduated from the University of California Irvine with a BFA in Dance Performance and BFA in Dance Choreography. Her work has been shown at various venues in Irvine, CA and San Francisco, CA. In New York she has shown work with the CURRENT SESSIONS, Movement Research and at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY.Brown has participated in the Mare Nostrum Elements Emerging Choreographer Series and the Brooklyn Arts Exchange Upstart Festival. As a performer she has had the pleasure to work with choreographers and companies such as Donald Mckayle, Benjamin Levy, Brice Mousset, Randy James, Sharp&Fine, The People Movers, and The Park Avenue Armory.



Photo by [VESSELS]

 [ V E S S E L S ]


Choreographer: Kris Seto and Shoey Sun in collaboration with the dancers.

Dance Artists /Performers: Lee Hubilla, Nicolas Rodrigues, Niki Farahani, Youlmae Kim, Kris Seto

Music/Composer: [vessels] by Thom Allan (

Masks: Boneless Bones by Brian Jones (,

Stylist: Lee Hubilla (

Duration: 15 min

We are often deeply afraid and ashamed to show the parts of ourselves that are less than ideal - less than our idea of perfect. #reality #swipeleft #waitwhat


[ V E S S E L S ] is an emerging performing arts and creative collective formed by long-time collaborators Kris Seto and Shoey Sun. The duo’s movement backgrounds intersect the spheres of traditional Thai and Chinese folk dances, hip-hop/street jazz, as well as various contemporary forms. [ V E S S E L S ] aims to create dance, theatrical, and commercial work that’s witty, a touch surreal, and uncompromisingly honest.




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