Thursday, May 26th 2016 @ 7.30


PRE-SHOW: EvolDanza


Choreographer & Performer : Gessica Cipriano
Gestures are common to support an Italian verbal communication. They express the wish to establish a form of relationship. The two hands communicate like two beings: they are two different separate individuals, but their essence is the same. So, they share a story.


Gessica Cipriano is an Italian dancer, teacher and choreographer. She danced in Italy in ballet and contemporary dance companies, musicals, contemporary installations. She recently moved to NJ to collaborate with some NYC based choreographers. She graduated as a ballet teacher in Teatro alla Scala of Milano in 2012. "Teatro Stalker" of Torino, Italy, supported her in starting her own company because she won the selection for choreographers "Artisti in Casa" in 2014.  EvolDanza is her dance company and her dance school. She has a Master Degree in Health Psychology as she is interested in exploring the human nature by working with the dance.



photo by Renata Sheppard

Luca Ciriello  (FILM)


Director: Luca Ciriello

With Children of  the orphanage of Ilembula (Tanzania)  - Duration: 10 minutes

Dance Dance Dance is the research of expressive potentialities of the orphan children with whom I live in Tanzania. The series of short-films expresses the fragmentation of communication within this difficult context. DDD conveys all the energy and creativity of these children whose unique mother is the big African land.


Luca Ciriello is a versatile Italian artist. Born in Naples ,where he has post-graduated in literature, he has studied theater, cinema, photography and dance in various schools (Italy, France, Spain). After living in several European cities (Naples, Graz, Paris, Vilnius, London, Madrid) he has moved to Tanzania, where he's teaching in a rural school of an orphanage. He has always had interest for visual arts, working for magazines and galleries. A year ago he started working as a freelance video-maker, investigating the anthropological sides of his African stay and analyzing the relation among the world of dance/theater and need of communication.



Photo by Marie Noyale

FLUSSO dance project


Concept & Choreography: Vanessa Tamburi

Video artist: Beatrice Pediconi

Music: Mauro Bagella

Performers: Maria Gadner, Alexandra Isaeva, Giacomo Severini, Erik Zarcone

MOVING ID is new project by Vanessa Tamburi developed in collaboration with the visual artist Beatrice Pediconi.
The piece tells the stories of men and women fleeing oppressive regimes or war-torn countries. It narrates, through dance and sound track testimonies, their devastating travels, their frustrated dreams, their hopes and their wrecked dramas.
Immigrants are too often considered invaders, they are disenfranchised and marginalised. The moral imperative to ensure decent living conditions for all human beings should never be sacrificed on the altar of greedy political and economic interests.


Vanessa Tamburi worked as a solo dancer for important European theaters (the Ballet of Montercarlo, the Hamburg Ballet and the Vienna Opera Ballet).  Over the years, she developed experimental work, melding dance with theatre, visual and multimedia arts. Her choreographies have been performed in Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and the United States. In 2007 she established the "FLUSSO Dance Project".  She is the Artistic Advisor of the Visa 2 Dance and Time2dance dance festivals in Tanzania and the Artistic Director of IDACO nyc. Since 2011 she lives and works in NYC. She is an associate artist of New York Live Arts.




Video credits: Martin Henson and Satoko Sugiyama
Performers in the video: Andrew Suseno, Javaka Steptoe, Cecilia Fontanesi, Dean James Beckwith, Richard Kim, Jesse Danger, Cristian Navarro

PARCON emerges when we allow the environment to become a partner in our dance through contact.
Parcon may be performed with one person, but usually with two or more dancers becoming components of each other's environment. This makes it impossible to think in terms of subject/object. Practitioners become both environment and dancer. From this perspective, even the floor becomes something not to be danced on, but with. Our investigation began in East Harlem in 2015 with members of the NYC contact improvisation community and the parkour community via Movement Creative.


Andrew Suseno is a movement research activist choreographing a relationship between biomechanics, intention, and local community using his expertise in physical therapy, contact improvisation, and somatic practices. Javaka Steptoe is an eclectic young artist, designer, and illustrator, building a national reputation as an outstanding contributor to the genre of children’s literature.Cecilia Fontanesi is a dancer, contact improviser, and movement analyst, combining her performative practice with research in neuroscience and dance/movement therapy. Dean James Beckwith is a performance artist, playwright, and lyricist, interested in developing emergent complexity through ensemble improvisation.Richard Kim is a CI dancer, teacher, and organizer, as well as an improvising musician, technologist, and lawyer. His blog is
Martin Henson and Satoko Sugiyama have worked on hundreds of independent films and television commercials for NBC, HBO and TLC.



Photo by Renata Sheppard

Virginia Experimental Film / COORPI

Assembling Terpsichore (FILM)

Performers: Marco De Alteriis, Valerie Tameu, Emanuela Boldetti, Giada Feraudo, Denise Azzaro, Elena Francalanci

Screenplay: Paolo Armao / Producers: Cristiana Candellero, Lucia Carolina De Rienzo / DOP: Dario Orlandi  / Camera Assistant: Carlo Febbraro / Location Sound: Vito Martinelli / Light Designer: Rinaldo Dealbera /  Editing: Paolo Favaro  / Sound Design & Mix: Paolo Armao  / Music: Aram Jean Shahbazians  / VFX: Enrico De Palo / Length: 3:33 minutes

In a dream-like evolution of a urban reality, a man enters a warehouse theatre and unexpectedly

has to face an entity that seems to be a representation of both his desires and his nightmares.
Moved by curiosity and blocked by his fears, he interacts with the limbs and mechanisms that compose the creature - whats the meaning of her presence? 


Paolo Armao is a Sound Designer with extensive experience in producing audio contents, storytelling, managing projects and developing customized workflow solutions.He works as Sound Editor at Lumiq Studios and as Audio Researcher at Asa Lab, developing real-time audio systems and creating contents for Multimedia and Audiovisual projects.

He teaches Sound editing and sound effects design at Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park and he has been lab instructor at University of Turin and Polytechnic of Turin.

Between his works, Il Naturalista, has been selected at the Cannes Festival in 2009, and Virtual Electronic Poem has been premiered in 2010 in New York as an Electronic Music Foundation production. In between he attended the University of Turin, the School Of Sound (London), and seminars held by David Sonnenschein.



Photo by Giulia Federico


Kodance  - Silvia Marti                   


Choreographer: Silvia Marti

Performers: Giulia Federico, Simona Cutrignelli, Silvia Marti

Duration: 30 min

This is a study on relationships between individuals and relationships between society and individuals. The identity of each of us is strengthened, influenced and sometimes determined also by the network of relationships. As well as molecules, which are a small independent universe, if combined with other molecules, they give rise to different elements.


Silvia Marti developed her style in France and in the United States. She danced for: Alessandro Nahman (Micael Clrk Uk) Mauro Astolfi (Spellbound Contemporary Dance) Orazio Caiti (Aterballetto) Marika Vannuzzi (Danza prospettiva). She is the founder of KoDance. The company participated to various festivals: Mantovadance 2009, ContemporARY ON STAGE Florence 2009, Choreography Collision directed by Ismael Ivo. The short film Clepsydra was selected at Cinedans Dance on Screen 2011, 8 Beats International Gala 2013, EDEN CONNECT THE DOT 2014, Tanzfest 2014, Unions contemporary 2014, Evolution Teatro Greco 2014.  KoDance won many awards: Mantova Danza 2009, MAB 2009, Milano International Choreographic competition 2010 ,Rieti Danza Festival 2014.



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