Wednesday, May 25th 2016 @ 7.30


PRE SHOW : EvolDanza


Choreographer & Performer : Gessica Cipriano
Gestures are common to support an Italian verbal communication. They express the wish to establish a form of relationship. The two hands communicate like two beings: they are two different separate individuals, but their essence is the same. So, they share a story.


Gessica Cipriano is an Italian dancer, teacher and choreographer. She danced in Italy in ballet and contemporary dance companies, musicals, contemporary installations. She recently moved to NJ to collaborate with some NYC based choreographers. She graduated as a ballet teacher in Teatro alla Scala of Milano in 2012. "Teatro Stalker" of Torino, Italy, supported her in starting her own company because she won the selection for choreographers "Artisti in Casa" in 2014.  EvolDanza is her dance company and her dance school. She has a Master Degree in Health Psychology as she is interested in exploring the human nature by working with the dance.



Enrica Beccalli 

Complessita'- A Human at the mercy of complexity

Author / design / digital art: Enrica Beccalli

Collaborator:  Roula Gholmieh

Choreographer and performer:  Tony Bordonaro

Music: Original sound by J. Thatcher May, Holm.

Production and management Umanism – Artistic Director Valeria Orani 

Duration:10 min

Complessità is an innovative interactive dance performance that inverts the traditional human-machine interaction. In this performance Technology is the Operator and not the Executor. An algorithm that simulates a flock of birds manipulates the performer's movements through a wearable device (Galvanic Vestibular Stimulator) that modifies the performer's balance perception.  The flock direction is transposed to the performer through two electrodes positioned on the back of each ear.The human loses ownership of its movements and we enter a new dimension where the machine computes the moving human body. 



Photo by Marie Noyale

Caterina Rago Dance Company


Choreographer: Caterina Rago

Performers: Sarita Apel , Giulia D'Antoni, Raphaelle kessedjian, Natalia Roberts, Caterina Rago, Lissa Smith.

Music: Max Richter

Duration:20 min

The labyrinth is a disorienting journey that leads within, hiding the most mysterious self. An inner maze that is projected outwardly. A complex path that never seems to end. The maze is a figurative representation of abstract and intriguing reality. A journey over the limits into a dimension yet to be explored. An adventure that will transport you from the darkness to the light.  


Caterina Rago officially founded the Caterina Rago Dance Company (CRDC) in 2007. The company's work was selected for White Wave Rising Series Festival, Kat Wildish's NYC Showcase at the Ailey Citigroup Theater, NYC Dance Week at Dixon Place, choreographed at Jazz at Lincoln Center in the opera, La Nave, with I Giullari di Piazza, IDACO nyc, Emerging Choreographer Series, Take Root and Fertile Ground at Green Space, Steps Beyond Foundation and Hatch Jennifer Muller the Works.  Caterina has received two Company Commissions from Steffi Nossen Dance Foundation and the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome, Italy. 



Photo by Mirella De Bernardi

Silvia Gribaudi


Choreographer & Performer: Silvia Gribaudi

Winner of the Giovane Danza D’Autore Veneto audience award (Italy 2009) Biennale di Venezia 2010

Aerowaves Dance Across Europe 2010 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012

Diration:15 min.

 “As for Silvia Gribaudi’s A CORPO LIBERO? Well, what can I write that could possibly do it justice? It’s a manifesto for emancipation. It’s beautifully, minutely-observed. It’s uplifting charming, intoxicating and elevating. And it unabashedly celebrates humanity. ”. Review by Duncan Keegan Dublin Dance Festival.


Silvia Gribaudi: Coreographer and performer from Turin, Italy, has been working in the Veneto region since 2004. Gribaudi works with non-typical bodies: like dancers over 60, big beautiful women, or even ‘ugly’ bodies, challenging the concept of beauty in the contemporary society. Tackling sensitive topics of aging and death, her approach contains a huge amount of (self-)irony and humor as well. [Silvia Gribaudi is a unique artist who cultivates the ugly-ism and a bitter humour; her showy physique is definitely against the mainstream] Roger Salas EL PAìS



Photo by Amaris Dance


The Order of Pearls (excerpt)

Choreographer: Alexandra Amirov

Performers: Caitlin Bailey, Graziella Murdocca, Ashley Menestrina, Rebecca Oviatt, Allison Piccone

Music :Alfred Schnittke  - Edited by Alexandra Amirov

Duration: 15 min

As an impressionistic piece, The Order of Pearls, explores female roles from various paths of life: Domestic partners, mothers, sisters, friends, group members, leaders and followers. Through these roles, The Order of Pearls touches on concepts of empowerment, comfort, and control.

This program will show excerpts from the original work.


Alexandra founded the Amaris Dance in 2012. The company has participated in numerous events, including the La MaMa Club, Dixon Place, Green Space, Movement Research, Spoke the Hub, The Ailey CitiGroup Theater, and the Sukha Arts Center.  

In 2012 Alexandra won Best Choreography Award for her piece, Shiva’h. A year later the company won the Director’s Choice Award from the Gowanus Arts Center for her piece, Black Cuts Body. Her resent Dance on camera film, a_SymMetrics, created in Assisi, Italy has been invited and shown in several international festivals as well as IDACO 2015.



Photo by Giulio Cesare Grandi

AlphaZTL Company of Dinamic Art & Fabula Saltica


Video made with the prisoners of the prison of Rovigo thanks to the Ministry of Justice, Penitentiary Department, PRAP of Padua and the direction of the prison. Production Ballet Association City of Rovigo, partners GoMotion


Choreographer: Vito Alfarano/ Performers: prisoners of the prison of Rovigo (Italy) / Music/Composer:Simone Pizzardo & Camilla Ferrari / Vocal laboratory: Camilla Ferrari / Movement laboratory: Vito Alfarano /Camera operator: Ludovico Guglielmo / Sound design: Simone Pizzardo / Photography: Ludovico Guglielmo and Cesare Grandi / Music: Simone Pizzardo and Camilla Ferrari / Editing: Alessandro Gasperotto / Concept and direction: Vito Alfarano Duration: 7.40 min


Made in the prison of Rovigo city, it is the epilogue of an emotion that through body and sound becomes art. A white background eliminates the possibility of placement in space. Nudity expresses power, softness, vibrancy and fragility. Not knowing anything about the body that is on the screen, the viewer will not see the inmate, but the PERSON. The single voice is a treasure chest of information and emotions, intimately linked to their own experience and the place they came from. The voices of the inmates and electronic sounds make up the original music


Vito Alfarano started his career as a freelance dancer working with various choreographers: Nicolas Musin, Mauro Bigonzetti, Ismael Ivo, Benjamin Millepied, Vanessa Tamburi, etc. With his choreography he won first prizes in national and international competitions. Vito is the author and teacher of Oltre I confini, laboratory of movement and drama with the inmates of different prisons in Italy and with his video art products with them, he received recognition by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano. Since 2013 he is a member of the National Theater in Prison Coordination. Since 2015 he is the director of his company AlphaZTL Company of Dynamic Art in Brindisi.



Photo by Carol Rosegg

Jennifer Muller / The works


Choreography by Jennifer Muller
Light Design by Jeff Croiter
Immersive projection design by Mark Bolotin

Alchemy is a piece about the crucible of change. Alchemy is about transformation. The physical transmutation of matter becomes an analogy for the internal alchemy of spiritual revelation. Just as new growth forests are created by controlled burning, personal evolution often needs a violent catalyst to create a glimmer of enlightenment. 

Jennifer Muller an influence in the dance world for over 45 years, is known for her visionary approach and innovations in dance/theater. She has created over 115 pieces including 7 full-evening productions, collaborating with such artists as Keith Haring, Keith Jarrett and Yoko Ono. Her recent honors include a commissioning grant from The Joyce Theater's 25@25 Initiative to create Bench, the Trophy of Cultural Responsibility recognizing her invaluable contributions in South America and an American Masterpieces: 3 Centuries of Artistic Genius Grant to set Speeds in UCSB, accompanied by a scholarly conference, exhibit and publication entitled Transformation & Continuance: Jennifer Muller and the Reshaping of American Modern Dance, 1959 to Present.TanzPlan Berlin chose Muller Polarity Technique as one of 7 unique contemporary dance techniques for its publication.

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