Saturday, June 3rd 2017 @ 7.30pm

Pre-show: Clarissa Fattoruso & Giorgia Vitali


Choreographers & performers: Clarissa Fattoruso & Giorgia Vitali

Music: Bill Wither /   Length:10 min / Photo by Clarissa Fattoruso


Through visual art, physical movement and spoken word we analyze and express how every day we're pushed and condemned to transform, to change, to evolve both mentally, emotionally even through the smallest detail in our look. Change doesn't have to be negative though: it can lead to hope, to a complete Rebirth.


Clarissa had the opportunity to study with many choreographers from the contemporary scene, such as Nederlands Danse Teather , Forsyth , Batsheva, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet and more. Giorgia recently she performed at the "Danza Heights Festival" and at the "Choreographer's Carnival Ball 2016" and she was featured in the movie "Waiting in the wings:The Musical" and in the music video: " Hype Williams Video."


Nancy Allison Dance & Film


Conceived and produced by: Nancy Allison

Directors: Nancy Allison and Laura Boato

Choreographer: Laura Boato

Performers:  Laura Boato and Michela Lorenzano

Music composed and performed by: Bottega Baltazar

Editor: Laura Cappellesso / Length: 7.36 / Photo by Nancy Allison


High up on a ledge of a marble quarry a sculpture waits to emerge from the rough walls that imprison it. Flesh and stone, sculptor and sculpture, dance around the question of who creates whom


Nancy Allison, a New York-based dancer/choreographer/filmmaker has performed throughout the US and Europe, receiving critical praise and the prize for Best Company at the 15th International Festival de la Danse in Paris. She has taught at New York University, Laban-Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (NYC), Les Grands Ballets Canadiens (Montréal) and in Italy at C’a Foscari, Centro Teatro di Ricerca and Laboratorio Danza Contemporanea di Laura Boato. Her first film, Hamadryad premiered at the 2015 Film Society of Lincoln Center and Dance Films Association’s Dance on Camera Festival (NYC) and has since screened at festivals throughout the world.



Giorgia Bovo and Francesco Beccaro


Titles of each scene: 1) ël camp (the field); 2) la sirimonia (the ceremony); 3) ij bestie (the animals)

Choreographer: Giorgia Bovo

Composer: Francesco Beccaro

Performers: Giorgia Bovo, Jane Cracovaner, Kyla Ernst-Alper

Bass: Francesco Beccaro

Costumes: Giorgia Bovo


Sciüch means stump in the old dialect from Piemonte (North West Italian region). Schiüch is also the name of the farmstead owned by my grandmother where I spent my childhood and early teen years. This piece is dedicated to my time there during which I witnessed the old traditions, the elders at work and the strong connection with the people and the earth.


Giorgia Bovo As a choreographer she has created work for Indelible Dance, Uselessness Project and The Recovery Dances (multimedia collaborations with composer Francesco Beccaro) and for musician Mira Cook. Her choreography has been presented at e-Luminate Festival (Cambridge, UK), Officine Caos (Torino, IT), Periapsis Music and Dance (NYC), First Look (NYC) and IDACO NYC. Giorgia a is faculty member of Joffrey Ballet School.


While Francesco Beccario still tours and performs as a bass player, he works as a composer as well. He has written music for independent films, documentaries, theatre shows and dance performances. He has collaborated extensively with dancer/choreographer Giorgia Bovo, including dance video series Uselessness Project and The Recovery Dances. As an educator, Francesco is a faculty member of The Collective School of Music (NYC) and KOSA International (CA, USA).



FLUSSO dance project  ( Dance & video)


Concept & Choreography by: Vanessa Tamburi

Music edited by: Vanessa Tamburi

Video design by: Victoria Sendra / Nassos Chatzopoulos

Video Editing: Laura Lamp

Performers: Megumi Eda, Alessia Della Casa, Nick Owen

Duration: 5  min / Photo by Vanessa Tamburi


The BRIDGE#2 project is a reflection on identities, on borders, on welcome, on exclusion.

By connecting the past to the future, weaving one period through another, the Bridge as metaphoric element is an overview of the flow of time, leaving behind the uncertainty, violence and loss of community, bringing over the continuity and durability of life.


Vanessa Tamburi worked as a solo dancer for important European theaters (the Ballet of Montercarlo, the Hamburg Ballet and the Vienna Opera Ballet).  Over the years, she developed experimental work, melding dance with theatre, visual and multimedia arts. Her choreographies have been performed in Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and the United States. In 2007 she established the "FLUSSO Dance Project".  She is the Artistic Advisor of the Visa 2 Dance and Time2dance dance festivals in Tanzania and the Artistic/ Managing Director of IDACO nyc. Since 2011 she lives and works in NYC. She is an associate artist of New York Live Arts.


Equilibrio Dinamico

Confini Disumani ( Inhuman borders)

Choreographer: Roberta Ferrara

Performers:  Serena Angelini, Nicola De Pasquale, Tonia Laterza, Beatrice Netti, Silvia Sisto

Music: Faraualla, Meredith Monk, Armand Amar

Organization & Distribution by Vincenzo Losito.

Produced by Equilibrio Dinamico

Length: 30 min / Photo by Marco Gallo


The piece is a form of social protest against mistreated, inhuman bodies. Inhuman borders, inspired by the text "One Way" by De Luca, it  is a physical and psychological journey; The piece brings on stage human brutality mixed with the strength of men and women labelled as "immigrants" and thus incapable of crossing the border to start a better life. It is not a house nor the nation  which allow us to work, it is simply the land.


The Equilibrio Dinamico Company founded in 2014 under the artistic direction of Roberta Ferrara as contemporary repertory company . The company boasts the signatures of choreographers : Bert Uyttenhove (BE ) , Matthias Kass ( D ) , Clément Bugnon ( CH ) , Igor Kirov ( Macedonia ) , and Mark Blazquez ( ES ) . Jiri Pokorny ( Czech Republic ) with the support of the TPP . Guests : The Theatres of the Sacred / Teatro del Giglio , Lucca (2013 ) , International Festival Interdans -BE ( 2012-13 ) ,, Teatro Bellini in Naples ( 2016) , International Festival 5 de Mayo -Puebla and Theatre de la Dance –Mexico City ( 2016) , Teatro Kismet Opera and theater Koreja Shipyards ( 2016) .The company in 2015 won the 10 edition of the Festival of Troy(Puglia)


Intermission : Sarah Nagle & Justin Ross

Chair|Bell|Tape Study9

Choreographer: improvisation study designed by Sarah Nagle & Justin Ross

Performers: Sarah Nagle & Justin Ross  /    Length: 15 min

Photo by Sarah Nagle


Chair|Bell|Tape is an improvisational study designed to capture the internalized constructs and societal impact of sociological Stockholm Syndrome in straight, white women. The work specifically employs one chair, a roll of tape, a bell, and two performers. It is never repeated, and each study simultaneously stands as a continuation of the previous study as well as an isolated work. Chair|Bell|Tape is a live component of a larger research project and work for film.


Sarah Nagle & Justin Ross have been creating work and dancing together since 2013. Ross was hired by Jessica Taylor|DAMAGEDANCE as Nagle's partner in the company and the rest was history. They have performed together with DAMAGEDANCE and Kyle Rostan's UrbanHumans, and have taught various workshops to young pre-professionals and established artists in improvisation, composition, partnering, and finding the inner artist


Balletto Teatro di Torino

Perfect Broken


Artistic Director BTT Loredana Furno

Co-Artistic Director BTT Viola Scaglione

Choreography and Set Design Renata Sheppard

Costume Design Wendy Winters

Costume Creation Lorella Dance di Loddo & Palermo 

Music: Matita (original music) Antonello Raggi piano elettrico / Fabio Bonelli penne /Luigi Bonelli matite /Susanna Tosatti disegno continuo /Fabio Valesini pennarelli

Performers: Viola Scaglione, Wilma Puentes Linares, Lisa Mariani, Flavio Ferruzzi, Hillel Perlman

Lenght: 20min / Photo by Roberto Polli


Dance meets sculpture and place, inspired by Buddhist concepts that derive from wabi-sabi, which celebrates the beauty of imperfection. Perfect Broken explores the geometry of the body, physical meditation and ritual, delivering the dancers into authentic moments of exchange and engagement. The body engaged in concentrated task opens itself to the poetry of error, while charcoal, delicately held by the dancers as they move, becomes an extension of the choreography, offering both the paper and the skin as a realtime canvas, an artifact, of the dance, a patina of memory imprinted on the body.


Renata Sheppard is a choreographer, CMA, and scholar who has lived and worked in the US, Europe, and Asia. As a Fulbright Scholar, Henry Luce Scholar, Kate Neal Kinley Fellow, and US Embassy Artist Research grantee, she has been recognized for her innovative engagement of dance across discipline. She uses elements of body, architecture, materials, light, projection, and sound in her choreographic "living sculptures” which often happen in unexpected, site specific locations or on the screen. She continues to pioneer the way that dance and body intelligence intersect with research, social media, human behavior and public interactives. She has presented internationally in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Tunisia, India, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Canada, and throughout the US and lives between the USA where she is artistic director of Experimental Film Virginia and Italy where she works with Balletto Teatro di Torino.


The Balletto Teatro di Torino is currently holding a major importance in the Dance network, thanks to the daily training with different choreographers. With a choreographic center - in the last years the Company activity was not be limited to the Italian panorama, amounting as a dance entity, and istitutionalized in the urban reality and from the Italian Ministry. In this program the artistic direction was aware to keep the focus on researching choreography, and young authors. Furthermore, it was keeping the attention on original music composition, with a good number of live performances in connection with RivoliMusica.From 2014 the BTT was opened its path to the repertory of international choreographers, in as Itzik Galili,  Renata Sheppard and Yun Yin, gathering a connection dedicated to the Great Masters of Contemporary Choreography.


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