Sunday, June 4th, 2017 @ 5pm


Pre-show:  Grazia Capri

Corpi in Vertigine #2

Choreographer & Performer: Grazia Capri

Collaborators:Stefano Cavazzini

Music: Original sound by Stefano Cavazzini, Cello improvisation by Stephan Braun

Sound design & props: Grazia Capri

Length:30min / Photo by Yuken Teruya


In modern society, we often find ourselves having to choose between who we really are and who we choose to show to the world. Our nature is stifled, causing an existential vertigo, in which we are enveloped by a sense of emptiness. The work is a poetic journey in search of the self.


Grazia Capri has worked with many contemporary choreographers in Italy and France. She obtained a Master Degree in Arts Performance at University of Bologna and a postgraduate degree in Benesh Movement Notation at CNSDMP. Since 2010, Grazia is working as a choreographer and won artistic residencies in Paris, London and Berlin. Her work was performed at festivals, theaters and galleries in New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Ravenna, Rio de Janeiro. Grazia has been developing an original body of work focused on movement. In her work one's inner world emerges, giving life to surreal and essential landscapes.


Void Dancers – Jacob Kruty ECS


Choreographer: Jacob Kruty

Performers: Savannah Spratt, Zach Doerfer, Nikki King, Nicholas Rodrigues, Taylor Ennen, Nicole Baker

Music: “Cascade” by William Basinski, sound score by Jacob Kruty

Length: 10 min / Photo by Jacob Kruty


A look at how we portray ourselves and perceive others in the social media age.  FRAMED was originally developed thanks to a generous grant from Mare Nostrum Elements.


Jacob Kruty is a Manhattan-based dancer, choreographer, videographer, and photographer. Originally from Bucks County, PA, Jacob attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and graduated in May of 2016. Prior to that, Jacob was a student at Interlochen Arts Academy with a focus in Dance. Since Graduating, Jacob has done some freelance dancing, danced with Eryc Taylor Dance Company, directed a couple music videos, and created a few dances for film- One of which will be featured in this Year’s ADF Movies by Movers Film Festival. His work has been presented most recently at the Mare Nostrum Elements’ Emerging Choreographer Showcase.


FrameaSubstantia (Film)


Choreography and Direction: Francesca Formisano
Video Editing: Mariasole Ingravallo

Performers: Francesca Formisano and Mariasole Ingravallo

PRODUCTION 2017 FrameaSubstantia
Music: Eletvonal, Amanda Forbis, Max Richter,

Audio editing: Francesca Formisano.

Length:10 min / Photo by F. Formisano


Each individual wants to solve the key problem of “being free”. An internal battle splits the self, which fights for “be true” in the society today. On the background of an ideal city, following an uncontrollable rhythm and a dynamic increasingly equal to itself, someone decides to go against the trend.


Francesca Formisano received her bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance at the AccademiaNazionaleDiDanza in Rome. She studied with and dances for important coreographers of international renown as Rozenn Corbel and Irma Cardano. She is model-dancer for “Gogen” and “Gerry Santoro”.She Danced For Adriana Borriello, Isabelle Schad and Laurent Goldring, Venice 2016. She created the shows “Intra” at the Teatro Greco in Rome, 2015; “Incontriamoci in tre” and “White Rainbows” directed by Nicholas Gallo. She danced in the project “Seenteracting” by Livia Massarelli. She created the choreography “Waiting” having won the competition for choreography “PremioClaudioAbbado2015”. She is contemporary dance teacher.


Azul Dance Theatre


Choreographer: Yuki Hasegawa

Performers: Thea Bautista, Asami Tomida, Akane koizumi, Saioa Lopez, Jaime Shannon, Kanako Yokota, Sheng Zhang

Music: Amar  - Icle

Costumes& props:  Yuki Hasegawa

Length:15 min / Photo by Steven PIsano


Through contemporary dance movements, Masquerade projects the people’s behavior and grief in order to maintain their happiness and satisfaction of their personal life. Masquerade is a contemporary dance work by seven dancers inspired by the festival Carnevale di Venezia. Azul dancers and choreographer examine and discuss the contrast between the “social characters” and “true personality” in their own lives, and they will define their true meaning of “fulfilment” and “pleasure” in their personal lives.


Azul Dance Theatre is contemporary dance company based in NY founded by Artistic Director Yuki Hasegawa in 2004. Azul is a unique company in that the dancers from various cultures creating a fascinating group unified by their common ground of working with Hasegawa on movement as expressive intention and force. Most recently, Azul presented a full evening work, Vision, at Tribeca Performing Arts Center (supported by CUNY Dance Initiative 2016 Residency Program, and Queens Council on the Arts.) Azul’s other credits include shared performances at Ailey Citigroup Theater, 92nd Street Y, Salvatore Capezio Theater, and El Museo del Barrio.


Coreografo Elettronico - Alessandra Sorrentino

Scugnizzo Liberato / Winner of the “ Coreografo elettronico XX edizione “

Choreographer: Alessandra Sorrentino

Collaborators:  Nicola Tranquillo, Ernesto Di Geronimo

Performers: Alessandra Sorrentino, Martina Picardi

Music: Muim (Murcof)

Length: 4:39 min  / Photo by Coreografo Elettronico


The numbness of a dilapidated century structure. Outside, an empty shell, which keeps intact the historical memory of centuries. Inside a charge of vital energy trapped in a tangle of dust, abandonment, indifference. Thousands of people crossed the imposing space complex in the heart of Naples; Only in 2015 a network of activists has brought to light the immense wealth hidden in Salita Pontecorvo. It 's so that a prison is transformed in the laboratory of all. The Scugnizzo in chains and 'finally freed. And dance.                                                                                                                                                              


In December 2017, after the great success of last years, the XXI edition of International Festival video-dance has been realized by  the Coreografo Elettronico. Laura Valente is the Art Director of the festival that focus one's attention on trends, new languages and experiments from the web to offer a special point of view about the international video dance. An international jury consider the works and it confers a special prize. The winners will be announced during the official event at Museo Madre in Naples at the end of press clippings.


Cie Twain physical dance theatre  :

Angeli e Insetti

Choreographer: Loredana Parrella 

Performers:  Yoris Petrillo, Elisa Melis

Lighting designer Cesare Lavezzoli/Loredana Parrella
Costumes designer Loredana Parrella
Tailoring Sartoria Mulas
Production Twain 2013/ Supported by MiBACT - Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism
Residence at Centro d’Arte e Cultura - Ladispoli

Length: 30 min / Photo by  Fabrizio Rognoni


Eugenia is an angel. Eugenia is an insect. Eugenia is charm. Eugenia is passion. Eugenia is a butterfly. Eugenia is a parasite. Eugenia is beauty. Eugenia is a woman.Loosely based on the Morpho Eugenia short story by Antonia S.Byatt, Angeli e Insetti is a study on the feeling of love struck by violent passions.

Choreographer and dancer, director and actress, Loredana Parrella worked with directors such as L. Ronconi, A. Konchalovsky, Pier’Alli, L. Cavani, U. Chiti, J. Savari, D. Desiata, R. Fortune, R. De Simone, G. Cobelli in the major Italian theatres (Teatro Alla Scala Milan, Teatro Regio Turin, Teatro dell' Opera Rome, Teatro Petruzzelli Bari, Teatro Comunale Florence). Dancer of the Ballet Royal de Wallonie [Belgium] for the choreographer J. Lefebre. Since 1996 Artistic Director of Cie Twain physical dance theatre, supported by MiBACT and Regione Lazio. Twain performed in more than 110 theatres and festivals in Italy, England, Serbia, Spain, Germany and Cyprus.


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