Sunday June 4th, 2017 @ 7.30 pm


Pre-show 7pm:  PARCON NYC

Project East Harlem

Choreographers: PARCON NYC

Collaborators: House of Duende

Performers: Cecilia Fontanesi, Funda Gul, Richard Kim, Andrew Suseno (there will be 5 more dancers, names to be updated)

Length:15min / Photo by Marie Noyale


"Project East Harlem" brings together two groups of dancers from different dance forms and with diverse ethnic backgrounds: Parcon NYC (Contact Improvisation/Parkour) and House of Duende (African diaspora dance).

"Project East Harlem" is an interdisciplinary movement creation in which the dancers will engage in reciprocal sharing and in mutually-influenced artistic creation.


Parcon NYC is a collective dedicated to challenging the connection between the environment and social relationships, through play, movement, touch, and reflection. Parcon is a newly-emerging movement form started in Harlem in 2015 by individuals from the Contact Improvisation and Parkour scenes of New York. The African Diaspora dancers from the House of Duende - a dance studio / creative space in East Harlem - blend dynamic Contemporary Dance with traditional world folk dances. They are dedicated to presenting sociocultural issues and addressing them through the healing elements of dance.


Vito Alfarano / AlphaZTL Company of Dynamic Art  & Fabula Saltica


Choreographer: Vito Alfarano

Performers: Vito Alfarano  & Federica Iacuzzi

Music::  Trquet-Hoppin and Rodrigo Leao

Length: 17 min / Photo by Nicola Boschetti


The theme is love. We are in Dante Alighieri’s hell, in the circle of the lustful, where Paolo and Francesca are wandering, dragged by the storm. Their love live after their death and it becomes eternal….to re/discover a real universal feeling linking everyone, in every time and every space…


In 2000 Vito Alfarano started his carrer as freelance dancer  working with various choreographers: Nicolas Musin, Mauro Bigonzetti, Ismael Ivo, Benjamin Millepied, Karl Alfred Schreiner, Vanessa Tamburi, etc. With his choreography won first prizes in national and international competitions. Vito is the author and teacher of Oltre I confini , laboratory of movement and drama with the prisoners of different prisons in Italy and with his video art products with them he received recognition by the  former President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano. From 2013 he is a member of the National Theater in Prison Coordination. From 2015 he is the director of his company AlphaZTL Company of Dynamic Art in Brindisi, a company of contemporary dance, video art and publishing.


Coreografo Elettronico - Francesco Capuano e Nicola Picardi (Film)

Glitch/ Winner of the “ Coreografo elettronico XX edizione “

Choreographers & Performers: Francesco Capuano and Nicola Picardi

Collaborator: Pierpaolo Pennacchio

Music: Senking – Come in / Alva Noto – Uni Rip

Korper International Dance Contemporany Art Center of Napoli (Italy)

Length:5:15 min / Photo by Coreografo Elettronico


Divided into two parts, wants to express the intent to shake off the weight of everyday life, stress, work dissatisfaction, frenzy and everything that leads man to seek a compromise with reality .... encloses the identify with an anomaly of a typical workday ... "VISIORAMICA" is a look into a city skyline, almost utopian attempt to escape mental. But when this harmony fades, it's back to the actual size, where is projected in mechanical manipulation of the system and a lifestyle that leads to a daily routine ... "LOOP!!!"


In December 2017, after the great success of last years, the XXI edition of International Festival video-dance has been realized by  the Coreografo Elettronico. Laura Valente is the Art Director of the festival that focus one's attention on trends, new languages and experiments from the web to offer a special point of view about the international video dance. An international jury consider the works and it confers a special prize. The winners will be announced during the official event at Museo Madre in Naples at the end of press clippings.


Milano Contemporary Ballet


Choreographer: Roberto Altamura

Performers: Maria Raffaella Alessandrini, Carolina Frigerio, Laura Pina

Music: Antonio Vivaldi

Length: 15 min  / Photo by Milano Contemporary Ballet


TREdiTRE is the result of a research that comes from the need to use the body of the dancers as an instrument at service of the movement and music. It is a performance created to stage a dance made of breaths, strength, delicacy and irony. The dancers will give new colours and shades to Vivaldi’s compositions.


Milano Contemporary Ballet is a company composed by young dancers. The selected artists are professional dancers which have completed their training program and improved their skills in contemporary dance. The daily training aims to new performance for the repertoire of the company and to the restaging of Wayne McGregor’s productions. Milano Contemporary Ballet strongly collaborates with Studio Wayne McGregor. The project has been inspired by the best junior company in Europe and it is the only one in Italy.


Intermission: Alessia Della Casa / VEICOLO DANZA


Choreography and performance: Alessia Della Casa

Choreographic and artistic supervision: Nunzia Tirelli

Visual Art and Graphics: Liam Walsh

Music composition: Gioacchino Balistreri

Length:15min / Photo by Massimiliano Rossetto


This project is an invitation to dance and to deepen the audience’s understanding of a contemporary way of moving. It is also an invitation to overcome the sense of insecurity and embarrassment that is linked to moving our body, in order to regain awareness of our physical sensations and thereby experience greater enjoyment from the art of dance.


Originally from Switzerland, Alessia Della Casa completed a 3-year degree at the Ballet Academy in Riga (Latvia) and then moved to New York where she received a scholarship to complete a 2 year certificate in Cunningham technique. In 2016 she completed a Certificate for advance Studies in Performance at SUPSI Academy of Teatro Dimitri, in Switzerland.Today she lives in Switzerland where she creates work through her project VEICOLO DANZA. Since 2013 she has founded and directed the festival Ticino in Danza (website), and is board member of IDACO NYC (Italian Dance Connection).Alessia teaches modern and contemporary dance and is a certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® instructor.


Experimental Film Virginia

Floating Study

Director/Choreographer/ Performer: Wen Chung Lin

DP/Edit/Sound: Ji Hong Lee

Art Director: Kuo-Heng Huang   /  Length: 3:12


The short dance film was produced by Experimental Film Virginia during the annual summer residency and artist retreat in Cape Charles, Virginia. Wen Chung Lin is a former Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company member and Artistic Director of Taiwan-based company, WC Dance.


Experimental Film Virginia is an international artist residency and cultural festival that merges dance, film, arts and tourism, branding small towns with big art and creating a space for artists from all over the world to convene in an intimate, distraction-free setting, immersed in a cross-disciplinary approach to the screen. Special thanks to Taipei Economic and Culture Office and NDP Holding for their support for the presented films. EFV is run by the non profit, Global Exchange Arts Roundtable (GEAR).

Balletto Teatro di Torino     

Con Diviso

Choreography: Yin Yun

Performers: Lisa Mariani,Wilma Puentes Linares, Viola Scaglione, Flavio Ferruzzi, Hillel Perlman / Music: Giovanni Sollima

Lenght: 18 min

Photo by Kent Miller


Con Diviso is a about the distinction between the things that separate us and the things that unite us, reflecting on the fact that what attracts us is often what divides us


Yin Yue is the choreographer of the YY Dance Company, a New York City based contemporary dance ensemble, presenting original works. The company’s artistic mission is to discover powerful imagery by pushing strong and bold athleticism within sensual and fluid movement, take risk in performances by demanding authentic presence from individual voices of the company, and to deepen understanding and elevate its company-specific movement artistry — FoCo Technique.


The Balletto Teatro di Torino is currently holding a major importance in the Dance network, thanks to the daily training with different choreographers. With a choreographic center - in the last years the Company activity was not be limited to the Italian panorama, amounting as a dance entity, and istitutionalized in the urban reality and from the Italian Ministry. In this program the artistic direction was aware to keep the focus on researching choreography, and young authors. Furthermore, it was keeping the attention on original music composition, with a good number of live performances in connection with RivoliMusica.From 2014 the BTT was opened its path to the repertory of international choreographers, in as Itzik Galili,  Renata Sheppard and Yun Yin, gathering a connection dedicated to the Great Masters of Contemporary Choreography.


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