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Claudia Gesmundo and Vera Sticchi  (IT)


Choreographers & Performers: Claudia Gesmundo, Vera Sticchi / Light designer: Michelangelo Volpe / Music: Fabio Gesmundo (original  music) / Duration: 15 min


Everything is destined for melting in modern society. Everything becomes liquid and is transformed. Man becomes an ‘unstable point’ in a world where nothing has time to solidify. He tries to stay afloat but is continually transformed by liquid society. He progressively sinks, without being able to re-emerge.


Claudia Gesmundo,dancer and performer trained at Balletto di Toscana. In Florence she takes part in Anticorpi XL project with Maristella Tanzi. She dances in Tiziana Bolfe Briaschi’s works for Festival Ammutinamenti and Premio equilibrio.Vera Sticchi graduates at D.A.F.,she dances in D.a.f. Internal project and in Equilibrio Dinamico company.In 2015 they meet in Altradanza company working together in Domenico Iannone, Orazio Caiti, Ana Presta and Fabrizio Delle Grazie’s productions.They also dance together in several projects by Michele Merola, Yoris  Petrillo and in productions for Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari and Teatro Bonci in Cesena.



FrameaSubstantia   @Framea- Substantia


In collaboration with Collettivo StatoLiquido e Ass. Arti SinespaZio3.0 

Choreographer: Francesca Formisano  / Music: Lino Strangis / Videomapping and sound: Lino Strangis   Performers: Francesca Formisano, Margherita Dotta  / Duration: 20 min 


Microcosmi is a multimedia show that offers a metaphorical vision of the relationship between gestation and birth, private dimension and public dimension. Big balls become placenta, egg, planet, house in synergy with projections and sound system. The Universe understood as a complex of all space and what it contains. 


The FrameaSubstantia project / SinespaZio production, directed by Francesca Formisano, is born in the 2016 taking advantage of different collaborations and  it gave life to performances in which the most disparate forms of expression are constantly migrating. Francesca Formisano graduated at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome. She danced for international choreographers as Rozenn Corbel, Irma Cardano, Carmen DeSandi. She created “Una”, “Una.2” with the collaboration of Mariasole Ingravallo, “Paiolata”, a study on “The Arts of Dreams” and “MicroCosmi” with the collaboration of StatoLiquido. She is currently working for the Arti SinespaZio3.0 Association of which she is vice-president.



Cie Twain physical dance theatre

Alle acque, uomini e dei


Choreographer: Loredana Parrella  / Written by Loredana Parrella and Yoris Petrillo / Performers: Yoris Petrillo, Elisa Melis, Luca Zanni, Maeva Curco Llovera, Gianluca Formica / Production  Twain Dance Production Centre 2017 / Co-Production  QDA Quartieri dell’Arte Festival / Supported by MiBACT - Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Regione Lazio – Department for Culture / In residence at Centro d’Arte e Cultura – City of Ladispoli, Claudio Tolfa Theatre – Tolfa, and Palazzo Sant’Agnese – Vitorchiano / Duration: 25 min


Water flowing, water splashing against the rocks, water crossing the space and outlining the geography of human existence. Water as a primordial element, water as the source of life. “Alle acque, uomini e dei” highlights a consideration: man is not above nature, but just a part of the whole. 


Loredana Parrella combines in her work the art of dance with a theatrical vision of the action and the scene, that achieves performances with a great theatrical and choreographic strength. After a long activity as a dancer treading the boards of remarkable theatres, and as a director for contemporary dance companies, in 2006 she founded Cie Twain physical dance theatre, Company supported by MiBACT - Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. The Company has performed in  theatres and festivals in Italy, England, Serbia, Spain, Germany, Cyprus and U.S. Loredana Parrella is Director of TWAIN Regional Dance Production Centre and National Residency supported by MiBACT and Regione Lazio Government.



Garrett Parker (USA)

Option Two

Choreographer & Performer: Garrett Parker/ Duration: 10-15 minutes


‘Option Two’ explores the idea of being pulled into two directions at once. Performed as a site specific improvisation, ‘Option Two’ seeks to physicalize and liberate the undetermined mind.


Garrett Parker was born in North Carolina and spent much of his childhood in New Delhi, India. Garrett has always been attracted to design and has found choreography to be the most honest medium to express his ideas. Upon graduating from UNCSA, Garrett has most recently shared his work at the Actors Fund Arts Center and the Laguardia Performing Arts Center. Through his choreography, Garrett wishes to combine movement, music, film and performance theater, to work toward improved tolerance, understanding, and a sense of connection in our world. During the summer of 2018, Garrett looks forward to becoming an Italian citizen and launching the first company season of Detox Movement.



Enzo Celli / Vivo Ballet


Concept, choreography & Costumes: Enzo Celli / Assistent choreographer: Elisabetta Minutoli / Music: VVAA / Performers: Quilan M. Arnold, Giuliana Bertoya, Marta Bianchi, Kristina Desjardins, Siddhartha Dutta, Facundo Ebenegger, Theresa Fervers, Cecilia Fontanesi, Nikki Holck, Harrison Holmes, Ji Hyun Kim, Elisabetta Minutoli, Luca Renzi Smith, Isabele Rosso, Michael Wright and Enzo Celli


Gabbatha indicates the usual place where Pilate had his judicial seat. Indicates the place where the "wash hands" took place. Gabbatha represents the place where humankind has decided to "not make a choice", has decided not to take a responsibility, where humanity has decided to turn its head.


Experimentation and research, the key elements to choreographer Enzo Celli’s work, power his unconditional love for contemporary dance and theatre. His relentless curiosity gave birth to a technique permeated by poetry, aiming to become part of the current Avant-garde. His works have been set on prestigious theatres: La Cigale (Paris), Teatro dell'Opera di Erfurt (Germany), Na Strastnom Theatre (Moscow), Teatro Guaria (Curitiba, Brasile), Teatro nazionale di Belgrado (Serbia), Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite (Lisbon), Espace Robert Hossein (Lourdes), Auditorium Conciliazione (Rome), Russia Dramma Theatre (Ufa, Russia), Teatro Sao Pedro (Porto Allegre, Brasile).

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