Saturday, May 26th, 8pm


Lost Movement


Choreographer: Nicolò Abbattista / dramatist and music editor: Christian Consalvo / Performer: Samuele Arisci / Music: Christian Consalvo / Costume: Samuele Arisci / Duration: 10 min


“Taboo is the reflection of my clothes and attitudes, actually it is a game, because there’s nothing you can’t do in this place” [Leigh Bowery]. This piece narrates the awareness that a human being shows while identifying itself in a sexual gender, far from prejudices and conventions: the incessant source of its own identity.


Lost Movement company was created in 2011 by Nicolò Abbattista. With dancer’s bodies the choreographer recreates emotions and concepts of people’s daily life. The work of the company is based on a strong physical and conceptual improvisation, contemporary dance technique and tanztheater. Lost Movement repertoire includes: “A Domani”, co-producted by Oriente Occidente Dance Festival and OPLAS/Centro Regionale Danza Umbria  and supported by the City of Milan; "Limen"; “Vissi d’Arte” collaborating with Antonella D’Amico, Arena di Verona soprano; “POPoff”; “ROSSOphilia”; the site-specific show “Beyond The Dolls”; “Daily Mirror”; “Relation”; “Eros e Thanatos”


Virginia Experimental Film/ Balletto Teatro di Torino (Film)



Direction: Matteo Marziano Graziano/ Director 1st Assistant: Renata Sheppard

DoP: Paolo Bertino / Choreography: Matteo Marziano Graziano in collaboration with BTT dancers

Costumes: Matteo Marziano Graziano/ Wardrobe: Alessandro Baro / Duration: 3 min

Thanks to: Fornace CARENA, GRAZIANO Serramenti, and to all danceWEB 2017 scholarship recipients for having inspired this film.


BODY HEAT is the thermographic portrait of a gang of night-goers. They play, they provoke, they rave, and they flirt. They let the attraction between their bodies happen, allowing movement and desire to melt into one collective ritual. The thermographic camera captures the physiological temperature of their dance and that of their emotionality, too.



Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company


Choreographer: Daniel Gwirtzman / Music: Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company / Performers: Derek Crescenti, Daniel Gwirtzman, Vanessa Martinez de Baños / Duration: 15 min


Affront explores the tipping point when intimacy crosses into violence, peeking into the darker side of relationships and the pressures, dangers and abuses that arise. Intricate partnering acts as a metaphor to portray the disconnect, conflict, and lack of empathy that exists between people and which characterizes present-day life.


The acclaimed Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company, celebrating its 20th Anniversary, is known for its playful virtuosity, musicality, accessibility and charisma. “A troupe I’d follow anywhere” (The Village Voice), a “troupe of fabulous dancers” (Back Stage) that “can’t help but smile” (The New Yorker). The nonprofit has partnered with various institutions since its inception in 1998. Highlights include performances at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bryant Park, La MaMa, Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and engagements in France, Spain, Greece, Finland and Brazil. The Company produces dance films, which have screened nationally and internationally. 



Baobab Romeo+ Iuvenis Danza / Giovanna Venturini



Choreographer: Giovanna Venturini / Performers: Benedetta Cordioli, Silvia Girotti  / Music and video: Baobab Romeo  / Props by: Baobab Romeo + Iuvenis Danza / Duration: 4 min


The work is a collaboration between Iuvenis Danza and Baobab Romeo Musical Project. After a live performance the band decided to realize a clip with two dancers.  In the film “Rubicon”, the movement, lights and space merge together creating a  dialogue between two dancers.


Giovanna Venturini is a choreographer and teacher, who worked for many years training young dancers, and creating choreographies for emerging Italian companies, like IUVENIS DANZA. 

Baobab Romeo is a musical trio formed in 2013 by Mattia Bresciani, Davide Bianchera and Sebastiano Confetta. Mattia and Davide's electronic approach meets Sebastiano’s research on electronic sound. In March 2015, they produced their first record, mixed by Emanuele Battisti. Baobab live-set brings together synchronized visual, voice and electronic sound.



Y Dance Company

Too Soon To Tell

The creation was supported and premiered at Schrittmacher Festival 2018 Ludwig Forum 


Choreographer: Yin Yue / Performers: Yin Yue, Grace Whitworth, Erika Choe, Lissa Smith, Kevin Pajarlaga / Music: GAS, Olafur Arnalds, Machinefabriek / Duration: 20 min

A special evening of the purest, most intimate dance art. Excerpt from an evening length production premiered at Ludwig Forum in Aachen, Germany as part of the Schrittmacher Festival 2018. Powerful, bouncy, beguiling, or softly flowing are all fitting descriptions of the fine, precise movements that characterize the choreographies of Shanghai-born Yin Yue and her New York YY Dance Company. The FoCo dance style developed by her - a blend of folk and contemporary - is a highly aesthetic mix of rhythm, sensuality and dynamics. In 2016, the company was celebrated as one of the great discoveries of recent years by the public and the press.


Yin is internationally recognized as a versatile performer and choreographer. Yin Yue was the winner of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago 2015 International Commissioning Project, winner of the 2015 BalletX Choreographic Fellowship, and winner of Northwest Dance Project’s 5th Annual Pretty Creatives International Choreographic Competition in 2013. Through these high-profile successes, Yin was commissioned by all three widely-recognized companies as well as other companies and platforms namely Limon Dance Company, Bruce Wood Dance, New Dialect, Balletto Teatro di Torino in Italy, Backhausdance and George Mason University. She was also selected as First Place in Choreography at National Professional Dance Competition in Shanghai, China, 92Y Harkness Dance 2016-2017 Artist In Residence, Emerging Choreographer of 2015 at Springboard Danse Montreal, as well as a finalist at The A.W.A.R.D Show 2010! presented by New York The Joyce Theater Foundation


Intermission: Garrett Parker  (USA)

Option Two

Choreographer & Performer: Garrett Parker/ Duration: 10-15 minutes


Option Two explores the idea of being pulled into two directions at once. Performed as a site specific improvisation, Option Two seeks to physicalize and liberate the undetermined mind.


Garrett Parker was born in North Carolina and spent much of his childhood in New Delhi, India. Garrett has always been attracted to design and has found choreography to be the most honest medium to express his ideas. Upon graduating from UNCSA, Garrett has most recently shared his work at the Actors Fund Arts Center and the Laguardia Performing Arts Center. Through his choreography, Garrett wishes to combine movement, music, film and performance theater, to work toward improved tolerance, understanding, and a sense of connection in our world. During the summer of 2018, Garrett looks forward to becoming an Italian citizen and launching the first company season of Detox Movement.



OPLAS / Centro Regionale della Danza Umbria  

Didone ed Enea

Project in collaboration with Italian Cultural Institute of Tunis, MiBACT and Regione Umbria


Choreographer: Luca Bruni / Music: Marco Schiavoni  Henry Purcell / Performers: Samuele Arisci, Mario Ferrari, Michele Umberto Fuso,  Jessica Regni, Luana Rossetti / Duration: 20’ min

Neither future nor love for those destined by fate to sacrifice themselves for something bigger: this is the tragic story of Dido and Enena. To accept or fight one's destiny: this is the real challenge.


OPLAS / CRDU celebrates in 2018 25 years of uninterrupted dance activity in Italy and around the world. The company produces contemporary dance performances - some of which have won international awards - aiming more at the essence of the message than the exhausting search for novelty which is now too often self-referential in the contemporary context. The company is settled at the homonymous theater in Umbertide, in the heart of Umbria: a structure entirely dedicated to dance activities ( production and educational ). It is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Region of Umbria. Luca Bruni, the artistic director, in 2017 received the prestigious Le Muse prize, awarded by the International Academy of Muse in Florence.

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