Special event /Audience Engagement - Sun, May 27th, 5pm


Parcon NYC     www.parconnyc.com

Choreographer: PARCON NYC collective:Cecilia Fontanesi, Funda Gul / Performed in collaboration with the audience / Duration: 10 min


This work offers a view of connectedness in space, through overlapping and interdependent domains of play and exploration, which constitute a collection of identities, simultaneously merging into a shared experience.

Parcon nyc is a newly-emerging movement form started in Harlem in 2015 by individuals from the Contact Improvisation and Parkour scenes of New York. However, Parcon is more than a combination of the two forms from which it draws. It is a paradigm shift for movement arts, engaging the participants’ kinesthetic attention to multiple dynamic relationships at once. Parcon has been practiced and performed in public spaces that anyone can have access to, including Washington Square Park, Thomas Jefferson Park, Long Island City waterfront, and Hudson River Park, among others.


Special event / Gisella Sorrentino - Photo Exhibit


May 24-27, 2018


Gisella Sorrentino 

Emerging Choreograhers Series 2018 slideshow + photo exhibit



In her work she combines body movement with photography as my preferential language. She utilizes the process of and natural environment such as ocean water, sand, wood, flowers, asphalt and cobble stones.  Her photographies look for nostalgia and ambiance, playing upon the desire of place rather than presenting its actuality. 



Born and raised in Italy, Gisella Sorrentino decided to dedicate her life to photography after receiving her BA in Biology.  Having studied dance since she was a child, movement became a language to express herself photographically.

In 2012, she had her first solo show Bodies in Space at La Casa Internazionale delle Donne (Rome). In 2015, she received a grant from chashama to create her installation Transitory (NYC). She has also showcased her works in different group exhibitions in the US and overseas. Gisella recently exhibited her new work in progress Terra Madre at Workshop Gallery Artist Foundation in Brooklyn.

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