Screening - Sunday May 27th, 3.30pm


POPCult/ Aterballetto (film)


Documentary Italy 2017

With the partecipation of Fondazione Nazionale della Danza Aterballetto


Director: Nico Guidetti / Produced by: MEDIAVISION/ in collaboration with: POPCULT / With the support of: FILM COMMISSION EMILIA-ROMAGNA / Subject: Jeris Foch  Nico Guidetti / Scriptwriting: Nico Guidetti / Cinematography: Nico Guidetti - Sebastian Corradi - Nello Chiari / Editing : Nico Guidetti Giusi Santoro

Colour Correction Andrea Dalpian / Sound design Riccardo Nanni


POPcult presents behind the scenes of ATERBalletto, one of the most important Italian contemporary dance company in that creative forge with the emblematic name of Foundry39, born from the valuable architectural recovery of a foundry, located on the edge of Reggio Emilia’s historical city center in Italy.  In the film this creative process is staged, the form, color and sound that underlies any work of art. In the case of dance, this work is made up of bodies, which from an initial state of disrupted chaos, unformed matter, come to organize themselves according to a precise order, elaborated by the choreographer and of which each dancer becomes a sign, a color, a line. The Aterballetto company is today an example of an international ensemble, made up of dancers from all over the world. This is also the vocation of the company, often engaged in transfers outside Italy.


Between 2000 and 2001 Nico Guidetti collaborated with the Archive of Audiovisual Workers and Democratic Movement in Rome, first as assistant director, then as cameramen. He is one of the founders of the R60 Study Centre in Reggio Emilia, where he is head of the audiovisual and for which he made several documentaries on the theme of work and history in that territories. Still on the theme of memory and rewriting of local history through documentary films, he has been working together with Matthias Durchfeld Istoreco (the historical institute of Reggio Emilia) for many years. They together realized Vezzano Boys (2008), Spring Beauty (2011) and The Violin of Cervarolo (2012). Filmography: Sante Mussini (2003), La memoria della terra (2004), Penelope e la guerra (2006), Vezzano boys (2008), Note a margine – Appunti per un film sul 7 luglio (2010), Spring beauty (2011), The Violin of Cervarolo (2012), Saboteurs (2015), Denominazione di origine popolare (2015)


Aterballetto - Contemporary Ballet and Dance Company 

Aterballetto is the principal producing and touring dance company in Italy. It is also the first permanent ballet-producing organisation apart from Opera House companies. Founded in 1979, preceded by the experience of Compagnia del Balletto dei Teatri dell’Emilia Romagna directed by Vittorio Biagi,  it is composed of solo dancers capable of  performing in various dance styles. Aterballetto has gained wide recognition on the international scene. After nearly 18 years of direction by Amedeo Amodio, the artistic direction was entrusted to  Mauro Bigonzetti, a notable international choreographer. From 1997 to 2007, Mauro Bigonzetti renewed the artistic identity of the Company and gave it an international profile.



Virgilio Sieni /Palazzo Te / Zefirofilm (film)

La cittadinanza del corpo 2017 

with Virgilio Sieni, Compagnia Virgilio Sieni and La cittadinanza del corpo 2017 participants


Choreography and concept: Virgilio Sieni / Director: Mario Piavoli / Performance Production: Centro Internazionale d’Arte e di Cultura di Palazzo Te (President Stefano Baia Curioni) / Film Production:  Zefirofilm  / Project assistants:  Giulia Mureddu, Elisa Mucchi, Giovanna Venturini / Duration: 40 min


For several years now, the choreographer Virgilio Sieni, in parallel with producing dance works for his company, has created projects for local communities in Italy and abroad to address the territory, the cultural fabric of the city. These projects are open to all citizens, as they do not necessarily require previous dance experience. Through this work, the "citizens of the body" are guided through a path of awareness of gesture, movement, and relationships. At the end of the process, various actions are publicly demonstrated in a performative dimension. In 2018, the project’s second edition was presented in the prestigious setting of Palazzo Te, in Mantova.


Virgilio Sieni: Choreographer and dancer, in 1983, he founded Compagnia Parco Butterfly and in 1992 Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, becoming a protagonist in the European contemporary scene. He created dance performances for major Italian cultural institutions, winning several awards (Ubu, Danza&Danza, Lo Straniero, Anct). In 2013, he became the director of Biennale di VeneziaDance Sector – and was nominated Chevalier de l’ordres des arts et de lettres from the French Ministry of Culture. He represented Italy in Marseille, European Capital of Culture in 2013, with Arte del gesto nel Mediterraneo involving 160 interpreters from different countries; and in Brussels for the 2014 Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, with Vita Nova, on sacred iconography, at the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts. In 2015, he created Atlante del gesto for Fondazione Prada in Milano. Also, he started collaborating with the research center Casa Paganini – InfoMus at DIBRIS (Computer Science Dept., Bioengineering, Robotics e Systems Engineering) at Università di Genova, on human cognitive experiences. In 2016, he taught at Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, founded by Mario Botta; and the same year he started the project Arte del gesto nel Mediterraneo – Accademia sui linguaggi del corpo e l’opera dei pupi in collaboration with Comune di Palermo and Mimmo Cuticchio, creating a novel course of study focused on the relationship between dance and “opera dei pupi”.

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