Sunday, May 27th, 6pm


Gruppo e-motion

Apriti ai nostri baci - Study on the wall concept


Choreographer: Francesca La Cava / Performers: Francesca La Cava / Music: Fabio Cifariello Ciardi / Playwright: Guido Barbieri / Video: Salvatore Insana / Light designer: Carlo Oriani Ambrosini / Photo: Paolo Porto / Props by: Chiara Defant / Duration: 15 min / Production: GRUPPO e-MOTION with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, the Abruzzo Region and the City of L’Aquila / Co-production: Festival Oriente Occidente, CID Centro Internazionale della Danza di Rovereto (TN) and I Cantieri dell’Immaginario Festival / With support of ACS Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo


One side of the wall is hard, compact, and scratch-resistant: this is the wall of the masses. The other side, however, contains the many anonymous lives who populate the history. This is the wall of contrary motions: the wall excludes, but at the same time protects; the wall defends borders but at the same time repels foreigners.


Artistic studies: A.S.M.E.D. (IT), Accademia Nazionale di danza (IT), London Contemporary School (GB), University D.A.M.S. (IT). She teaches contemporary dance in the Accademia Nazionale di Danza (IT). She receives the Prize Vignale Danza. From 2005 to 2010 she is co-Artistic Director of the dance company Elsa Piperno and she is Director of the Ballet The Abruzzo Lyric Theatre (IT). She works as a contemporary dancer and a choreographer in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Bosnia Herzegovina, Polonia, Hungary. Starting from 2004, she is Artistic director of the GRUPPO e-MOTION.



Elisabetta Minutoli / Piccolo Balletto Sorano

Apropos of the wet snow 

Choreographer:  Elisabetta Minutoli / Performers: Elisabetta Minutoli and Jonathan Colafrancesco / Music: Tied Up (Julian Perretta), Magnificat (Arvo Pärt), Jeeg Robot L’Uomo D’Acciao (Claudio Santamaria) / Props by: Bride veil / Duration: 13 minutes


Free inspired by the second part of "Memories of the Subsoil" by Dostoevsky. On the scene is re- evokes the encounter between the protagonist and the prostitute Lisa. What seems like a cathartic encounter will unveil the raw nature of man who loses his unique possibility of elevation as a human being through pure love.


Elisabetta Minutoli as a dancer she collaborated with choreographers such as Molissa Fenley, Anabella Lenzu, Luc Bouy, Gloria Pomardi, Elisa Monte, Franco Miseria , Mvula Sungani and  in the italians Musicals “Datemi tre caravelle” and "Lady Oscar".From 2008  joined Botega Dance Company of Enzo Celli. From January 2015 became Associate Artistic Director of VIVO Ballet and in May 2015 creates the coreography “Zonton” with Celli. As a choreographer in 2017, she recreated the “Four Walls” by John Cage in Rome with the collaboration of  the Roma Tre Orchestra with original choreographies. Since 2012 she has been the artistic director and Choreographer of the Piccolo balletto Sorano.



Meltin_Pot exphhdancecompany


Choreographer: Lisa Brasile / Performers:  Rebecca Turini, Laurent Minatchy, Paola Iannone, Cristiana Sabbatini, Teresa Bagnoli, Valentina Cipelli / Music: Darkstar-Basic Thing, Chrome Sparks-The meaning of love , Crayon-Dorian Concept, Rone-Bye bye macadam, James Blake- Lindisfarne 1&2 , Sohn-Harbour, James Blake-The sound of silence, Insighful- Creamy dreams, Moderat-Reminder / light designer: Gabriele Termine / Props by: Autoproduzione/ Duration: 20 


The show moves on three separate pictures, each linked to the other by a repeating track showing how an apparently identical situation can change only by changing a point of view. "never believe that you are anything other than what it might seem to others, that what you were or could have been was nothing more than what you have been who would have seemed to be ..." or vice versa.


Meltin_Pot hh dance company is a project that was born in 2005 from an idea of Lisa Brazil in Florence with the collaboration of the International Opus Ballet Dance Center directed by Rosanna Brocanello and Daniel Tinazzi. In October 2011 the Meltin_Pot productions landed in New York by invitation, for the "crossing Paths" charity show. The collective also participates in various international events including Fabbrica Europa Festival (Stazione Leopolda - Firenze).  The name comes from the real "Melting Pot" of cultures that make up the members of the group, which, even over time, despite having changed the elements has always brought together different countries, from the various areas of Italy itself, to Europe, Asia and Africa.



Eleina D. Dance Company


Choreographer: Vito Leone Cassano / Choreographer assistant: Claudia Cavalli / Music: A.A.V.V. / Light designer: Michelangelo Volpe / Performers: Claudia Cavalli, Marco Curci, Erica Di Carlo, Francesco Lacatena,  Grazia Micoli, Anna Moscatelli, Antonella Piazzolla, Roberto Vitelli / Duration: 30 min

Mother Nature creates men and therefore their relationships. In this perspective, the elements of Nature become synonymous with the ideologies and attitudes of the different European countries, often fighting for supremacy or about social themes, influenced by the bubble of prejudices in which everyone lives and knows the "co-existing".


Eleina D. was founded in 2011 to combine the spectacularity of aerial dance with the sensitivity of contemporary dance. Vito Cassano and Claudia Cavalli first worked for Mvula Sungani and “Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre” and then with Harry Albert Company in co-production with Saint’Etienne Opera in Lyon. In 2013, Claudia Cavalli competed in the international final of PPS Aerial Performance Tournament in Hong Kong, representing Italy in “Silk” category and she won here all the awards. They were selected as faculty members both for Move It and for World Dance Movement – International Workshop.


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