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Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama

Out of the folds of women

Choreographer: Anabella Lenzu / Video Projection Design: Todd Carroll / Direction: Daniel Pettrow / Costumes: Jennifer Johanos / Dance Artist:  Anabella Lenzu / Duration: 15 min


"Out of the folds of women" wrestles with the ideas of exploration, introspection and refraiming a woman after becoming a mother, and being an immigrant. Lenzu's dance theater piece uses drawing, spoken word and video projections to tell a personal vision of femininit, and what it means to be a woman today


Originally from Argentina, Anabella Lenzu is a dancer, choreographer and teacher with over 25 years experience working in Argentina, Chile, Italy and the USA. Her choreography has been commissioned all over the world, for opera, TV programs, theatre productions, and by many dance companies. Lenzu has written for various dance and arts magazines, and published her first book in 2013, entitled Unveiling Motion and Emotion.



Nancy Allison nyc  (Film)

Water on Stone (Acqua Sulla Roccia)

Choreographer: Laura Boato / Editing: Fiorenzo Zancan  / Dance Artist: Nancy Allison / Music:  Commissioned score composed and performed by Bottega Baltazar / Duration: 06:33


A site-specific performance project by American performer/filmmaker Nancy Allison and Venetian choreographer Laura Boato, this short film shot in a quarry in Serravezza, Tuscany explores the experience of grief and the transformative nature of mourning. 


Nancy Allison is a New York-based performer, filmmaker and educator. Her award-winning films have screened at festivals throughout the world including the Venice International Film Festival (2017), International Festival of Films on Art in Montréal (2016) and Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Dance on Camera Festival (2015). A Certified Movement Analyst, she has taught at New York University, Laban-Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS/NY), Les Grands Ballets Canadiens (CANADA) and in Italy at Università di Venezia/Ca’ Foscari, Centro Teatro di Ricerca and Laboratorio Danza Contemporanea di Laura Boato. 


Laura Boato, a Venetian-based choreographer was a finalist for the 2010 Young Dance Author Prize from Opera Estate Festival Veneto and won First Prize at the 2015 International Orient Occident Festival for “Incarnazione”. Her choreography has been presented in Venice by La Biennale Danza, Toni Benetton Museum, Fondamenta Nova and Teatro Goldoni and by Lavanderia a Vapore di Turino, Vascello di Roma, Teatro Comunale in Vicenza, MART in Rovereto and Elfo Puccini in Milan. Since 2002 she has been founding artistic director of Labratorio Danza Contemporanea di Laura Boato in Mogliano and of the innovative Festival A Piede Libero.



Claudia Gesmundo and Vera Sticchi


Choreographers & Performers: Claudia Gesmundo, Vera Sticchi / Light designer: Michelangelo Volpe  Music: Fabio Gesmundo (original  music) / Duration: 15 min


Everything is melting in modern society. Everything becomes liquid and is transformed. Human being becomes an ‘unstable point’ in a world where nothing has time to solidify. We try to stay afloat but we are constantly transformed by  the liquid society. We sink progressively, without being able to re-emerge.


Claudia Gesmundo, dancer and performer trained at Balletto di Toscana. In Florence she takes part in Anticorpi XL project with Maristella Tanzi. She danced in Tiziana Bolfe Briaschi’s works for Festival Ammutinamenti and Premio equilibrio. Vera Sticchi graduated at D.A.F., she danced in D.a.f. Internal project and in Equilibrio Dinamico company. In 2015 they meet in Altradanza company working together with Domenico Iannone, Orazio Caiti, Ana Presta and Fabrizio Delle Grazie’s productions.They also dance together in several projects by Michele Merola, Yoris  Petrillo and in productions for the Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari and Teatro Bonci in Cesena.



Intermission: Garrett Parker

Option Two

Choreographer & Performer: Garrett Parker/ Duration: 10-15 minutes


‘Option Two’ explores the idea of being pulled into two directions at once. Performed as a site specific improvisation, ‘Option Two’ seeks to physicalize and liberate the undetermined mind.


Garrett Parker is a Brooklyn based dance artist. Garrett has always been attracted to design and has found choreography to be the most honest medium to express his ideas. Garrett has most recently shared his choreography at the Actors Fund Arts Center, the Laguardia Performing Arts Center and the Davenport Theater, NYC. Through his work, Garrett wishes to encourage artistic collaboration and combine movement, props, film and performance theater, to work toward improved tolerance, understanding, and a sense of connection in our world. During the summer of 2018, Garrett looks forward to becoming an Italian citizen and launching the first official company season of Detox Movement



Eleina D. Dance Company


Choreographer: Vito Leone Cassano / Choreographer assistant: Claudia Cavalli / Music: A.A.V.V. / Light designer: Michelangelo Volpe / Performers: Claudia Cavalli, Marco Curci, Erica Di Carlo, Francesco Lacatena,  Grazia Micoli, Anna Moscatelli, Antonella Piazzolla, Roberto Vitelli / Duration: 30 min


Mother Nature creates men and therefore their relationships. Here, the elements of Nature become symbols of ideologies and attitudes of the different European countries, often fighting for supremacy and social control, while influenced by prejudices and lack of awareness of "co-existing" realities. 


Eleina D. was founded in 2011 to combine the spectacularity of aerial dance with the sensitivity of contemporary dance. Vito Cassano and Claudia Cavalli first worked for Mvula Sungani and “Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre” and then with Harry Albert Company in co-production with Saint’Etienne Opera in Lyon. In 2013, Claudia Cavalli competed in the international final of PPS Aerial Performance Tournament in Hong Kong, representing Italy in “Silk” category and she won here all the awards. They were selected as faculty members both for Move It and for World Dance Movement – International Workshop.


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