Friday May 24th, 6pm



Corinne Dardé  (Film) FR

Madri e figli_Padri e figli     


Director:  Corinne Dardé / Choreographer:  Virgilio Sieni / Music:  Michele Rabbia / Duration: 40:00


This film aims to trace the creation process of Madri e figli_Padri e Figli, filmed in the context of the International Choreographic Encounters of Seine-Saint-Denis. Which filiations are born through the body?  Working with non-dancers, Virgilio Sieni goes in search of an archeology of gestures, deeply buried.


Corinne Dardé is a French documentarist and camera operator graduated from the Louis Lumiere school. She has made creative documentaries on art and dance.She is a frequent collaborator with choreographers and theater producers.



Azul Dance Theatre JP

Silver Quantum


Choreographer & Costumes: Yuki Hasegawa/ Performed by: Azul Dance Theatre / Duration: 8:00


Silver Quantum has been created inspired by the tradition and technique of Italian Silver. Italian Silver does not refer to a type of silver. It refers its craftsmanship. Italy has a long jewelry making tradition, and its jewelry is highly valued around the world.


Yuki Hasegawa founded the Azul Dance Theatre in 2004, and since then her works  have been featured at the United Nations Auditorium, 92nd Street Y, Ailey Citigroup Theater, Salvatore Capezio Theater, and Dixon Place. Recently, Yuki collaborated with Fashion Designers in the events of NY Fashion Weeks. She holds her MA in Dance and Dance Education from NYU, and her BA from Kobe College in Japan. While she was in Tokyo, she worked with renowned Japanese choreographers, and led a busy performing career in musical theater, television, and film. She currently serves on the faculty of Peridance Center.



Gessica Cipriano/Evol (Film) IT

Sembravi una ragazza intelligente - You looked like an intelligent girl 

(la violenza dopo la violenza - the violence after violence)


Director & Choreographer: Gessica Cipriano /  Video-Photo: Li Yong Zhi / Music: Vyen,Max Mc Ferren, G.C. / Performer: Gessica Cipriano / Duration: 3.29


“The hidden violence, the unsuspected one, isolate you. He makes you lose contact with the others, if not the necessary ones. Outside he is so kind and helpful that if you would talk nobody would believe you. And nobody believes you. Do you believe you? Not always, not anymore, you too are losing contact … with you. “How could you let this happen? You seemed like an intelligent girl”.


Gessica Cipriano  studied in Italy, France, Finland, Germany, US, China. She performed with dance, theatre, circus companies and music bands in shows, conventions, festivals, collaborating with choreographers, musicians, fashion and art designers (Italy, France, Finland, New York). As choreographer her works have been supported by Teatro Stalker Torino (2014), IDaCo NYC (2016) and Jishou University (2018, China). She is the Artistic Director of a dance school in the North of Italy and a full-time ballet teacher in the Music and Dance Department of Jishou University, Hunan, China.



ECS / Patrick O’Brien Dance  USA

Illicit Acquirement (Excerpt)


Choreographer: Patrick O’Brien in collaboration with dancers / Music: Moderat, Forest Swords, Ben Salisbury, Cristobal Tapia De Veer, Clint Mansell / Performers:  Alex Knapp, Andrew McShea, Jill Pajer, Walter Apps, Margaret Jones / Duration: 15:00


An Exploration of how stealing is built into the lifeblood of American culture. Owning property is fundamentally defining part of our lives, and everyone takes things without permission. Kleptomania is on the rise Can you truly get something for nothing?


Patrick O'Brien is currently a dancer, teaching artist, and freelance choreographer, running a New York City-based contemporary dance freelance ensemble. He is the recipient of a CUNY Dance Initiative residency at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, with an evening length work of his own premiering in Fall 2019. Independently, O’Brien has presented original works at Brooklyn Museum, Dixon Place, MMAC, EMIA, Ailey Citigroup, GKA, 14th St Y, and many others.. Patrick has also been commissioned in Honolulu, HI, on CelloPointe (NY), and at Joffrey Ballet.


Alvaro Congosto (Film)  SPAIN 



Director:  Alvaro Congosto  / Choreographer & Performer: Sandra  Kramerova / Music: Jon Lloyd /Duration: 06:49 


Inspired by female "superheroes" Lara Croft and Nadia Comaneci.LADIA explores the limits of pain, effort and exhaustion in a contemporary female athlete. 


Álvaro Congosto is a Spanish independent filmmaker and Film Production Professor at Boston University. With his short film The Suitor (2016) he received the filmmakers from Spain prize by EGEDA in 2016 and a dozen more of principal awards in more than 80 International Film festivals. His latest project, LADIA is now running the Festival circuit and has been awarded in Portland Dance Fest, Rollout Macao Dance Film Festi- val, Braga International Video Dance Festival and Arts Triangle Dance Film Festival among others. Alvaro is currently developing his first Feature Film based on the French Graphic Novel A Taste of Chlorine.


Natalie Marrone & the Dance Cure IT/USA 

Thresh (2016)


Choreographer: Natalie Marrone / Film Collaborator:  Amber Schmiesing / Music: Excerpt from The Beauty of Sorrow, By Pauline Oliveros. Deep Listening Publications. Courtesy of Ione, Trustee, The Pauline Oliveros Trust, Musicantica / Lighting Design:  Ross Kolman / Props and Costumes: Natalie Marrone Performers: Rachel Mehaffey, Lucas Melfi / Duration: 10:00


Thresh is a meditation on wheat, it’s beauty and it’s purpose during a more agrarian time.  Long before today's controversial genetic modification of wheat, the social and cultural roots of humans and the development of wheat have intertwined since before recorded history. Inspired by historical photographs of contadini and interviews with Southern Italian farmers who remember the "old ways" of threshing the wheat, this dance hopes to transport viewers to an agrarian space, where the complex stories of the land and its’ people are inextricable.


Natalie Marrone’s choreographies has been seen in national commercials, live television events, The American Dance Festival, Dance Magazine, and presented internationally in Europe and Asia. Ms. Marrone’s work often fuses her Italian American heritage with her contemporary dance training.  An avid proponent of vernacular dance forms and their global intersections in the academic setting, Ms. Marrone currently serves on faculty at Duke University.



Augenblick IT     

Carte Blanche


Director: Augenblick  / Choreographer: Augenblick  / Camera-editing: Marco Longo  / Performers: Alessandra Elettra Badoino, Marina Giardina, Fabio Poggi  / Duration: 6:02


A wandering poet. A wood of leaves and fleeting glimpses. What is this? Just like a recurring echo, imagination is movement, movement becomes dance.


Augenblick is an italian collective formed by: Alessandra Elettra Badoino (1980) theatrical set designer, performer, Danzeducatore; Marina Giardina (1970) dancer, actress and performer; Fabio Poggi (1972) performer, PhD in Urbanism with a focus on the performativity of space; Marco Longo (1986), filmmaker. Augenblick's first film, "Tailored" ("Su misura "), has been selected in over 60 video dance festivals.


NOHA Dance Company IT 

The Hidden Place


Choreographer: Marisa Ragazzo, Omid Ighani / Props by: Marisa Ragazzo / Performers: Alessia Olivieri, Elda Bartolacci, Davide Angelozzi, Elisa Ruggeri, Claudia Gentili, Elisa Prati, Marina Brancaccio, Graziana Marzia, Sara Ongaro, Nicola Pagano / Duration: 30:00


The core of the work is proxemics. The Hidden Place refers to the Hidden Dimension of Edward Hall, an enlightened anthropologist who defines the discipline "... the study of how human being unconsciously structures micro spaces, the distances between ourselves and the other living being and structures.... "


The NOHA Dance Company is an Italian collective of young artists, nine dancers and an actor. All artists are deeply tied to the choreographer, with whom they are formed, for gestures and philosophy of the movement. With a multifaceted preparation that goes from urban to contemporary dances, constitutes their singular richness. The different artistic background of the choreographers, which is academic in Marisa’s case and street in Omid’s, produces a highly innovative and unique artistic code. Both fond of extreme experimentation and languages and styles’ fusion, they have been able to create an unusual choreographic dimension, remaining at the same time definitely attainable.


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