Friday May 24th 9pm


Alice Nardi -  video/dance installation  IT

Are you gonna be there?  


Choreographer: Alice Nardi / Additional Credits:  Elisabetta Porcinai  / Performer: Alice Nardi / Duration: 20:00


It's a performative installation that aims to melt the sentiments of intimacy and lose in their constant interconnection and reconstruction during identification processes.


Alice Nardi is an independent artist and choreographer active in Europe and New York. Devoted to martial arts since her childhood and with a diploma in Humanitarian Emergencies, she has a background in peacekeeping, which lately evolved into a deep call for transformative processes within her performative practice on stage. She took part of SounDance encounters Berlin, B.arts.U. and currently collaborates with various dancers, musicians, artists and choreographers. Her work is shown at different venues from independent studios to established theaters, to galleries and private sites.



 Filomena Rusciano (film)  IT 

Tracce Nascoste ( Hidden Tracks ) 


Director & Choreographer: Filomena Rusciano / Collaborator:  Gennaro Sorrentino / Music: Paolo Barone/ Illustrations: Rinedda  / Performer & Props:  Filomena Rusciano / Duration: 05:18


Signs at the border caught only by a careful look waiting. Footprints left by silent, emerge on the surface of the body to form an image map; an echo of past emotional. Weaving gesture reveals the physical permeability and seeks suspended traces that cloaks the daily life. Imperceptible sedimented noise. 


Filomena is freelance dancer and choreographer. As video artist she produced ( LIQUID PATH, RUNNER_UP 2013 ) Her second film TRACCE NASCOSTE (Hidden tracks) won the Honorable Mention of the experimental section at  A CORTO DI DONNE 2015 and honorable mention at Video Movimiento Festival (Bogota’).


Detox Movement Inc. USA



Choreographer: Garrett Parker / Music: Jake Kruty / Performers: Garrett Parker / Duration: 12:00

Untitled’ is a multimedia dance performance, integrating movement inspired, generated and documented during my travels of Italy in the process of becoming an Italian citizen. We explore the collision of technology and history as well as issues of identity, nationalism and migration in both Italy and the United States. 


Garrett Parker is a NYC based dance artist, videographer and coach for children with special needs. In the past year Garrett had shared his work at NYC venues including the Emerging Choreographers Series, IDACO nyc, Â Judson Church, the International Human Rights Arts Festival, the NYC Dance and Music Festival, BAND by MMDC, Dixon Place and Arts on Site. Garrett has choreographed site specific performances commissioned by the Winston Salem Arts Council and the IDACO nyc at Baruch Performing Arts Center. Garrett has had works screened at the American Dance Festival and Bates Dance Festival.


Anabella Lenzu  (film)  AR

No more beautiful dances


Director, Choreographer, Dance artist: Anabella Lenzu / Acting Director & Voice Coach: Daniel Petrrow / Technology advisor: Todd Carroll / Cinematographer & Editor: Angelo Vasta / Duration: 3.37 


No more beautiful dances wrestles with the ideas of exploration, introspection and reframing a woman after becoming a mother, and being an immigrant. Lenzu’s dance theater piece uses spoken word and drawings to tell a personal vision of femininity, and what it means to be a woman today.


Originally from Argentina, Anabella Lenzu is a dancer, choreographer and teacher with over 25 years experience working in Argentina, Chile, Italy and the USA. As Artistic Director of Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama, Lenzu draws on her diverse background to create thought-provoking and socially-conscious dance-theatre in the interest of improving our human condition. Lenzu has written for various dance and arts magazines, and published her first book in 2013, entitled Unveiling Motion and Emotion. The book contains writings in Spanish and English on the importance of dance, choreography, and dance pedagogy.



LineOut Dance Company  IT 

Being Over


Choreographer: Mauro Bocchi, Alessio Marchini / Music: Marco Schiavoni / Performers: Anna Gasparini, Alice Zucconi, Beatrice Castelli, Antonio Buonaiuto, Erika Zilli / Duration: 22:00


Being over as in literally being done with something, being through with it. It means to find ourself in a situation where it exhausts us to the point that we need completely change it, in order for us to manifest our true self, our real identity. To get out of a situation that doesn’t belong to us anymore, so that we can respect ourself and our nature.


LineOut Dance Company is born in 2010 from an artistic idea by the choreographers and dancers Mauro Bocchi and Anna Gasparini. LineOut creates a motion that blends energy and smoothness, highlights body and gestural expression, emphasizes the synergy between dancers and solid basic technique in order to feel, revolutionize and articulate the motion of the body.  The company works on both shows and choreographic workshops in order to let dancers experience the work on which the style of the company is based.


 Baptiste Rouveure (Film) FR 



Director: Baptiste Rouveure / Choreographers & Performers: You Bazogue,  Paul-Junior Bonkonde, Mathieu Bossos,  Florian Daniere, Katia Ferroukhi, Katy, Nathalie Galoppin, Leo Gaspari, Cindy Gaspari, Cindy Loucky, Marion Pannetier, Karina Pantaleo, Loriane Wagner, Tina Wolkensinger / Music: Olivier Teisseire / Duration: 11:00


Altera, it’s the other. The other who would be a weight and that we reject. Then what remains to build our reference points, our identity and not to sink into the otherness of a life finding echo only in our own reflection ? Altera results from an experimental and sensory performance bring by 13 dancers, where only the self-expression through movement has value of language.


Baptiste Rouveure questions our relations with our environment by a sliding of the real towards the fantasy. 

In 2019, after about fifty selections in national and international festivals and seven prizes, Baptiste Rouveure makes his first feature film “Les animaux anonymes” (The anonymous animals), a fable on the relationship between man and animal.


Vivo Ballet/ Enzo Celli  IT/USA



Choreographer: Enzo Celli / Music: Glenn Gould / Performers: Michael Wright, Nikki Holck, Rebecca Sandlin, Vivake Khamsingavth, Marta Bianchi, Facundo Ebenegger, Elisabetta Minutoli, Siddarth Dutta / Duration: 30 min


Sora exhibits a raw, primitive action of pure dance; trying to catch a glimpse of the "carnal soul" that lives in each of us. With this, Celli has come upon the significance of the word Sora; both the Japanese translation for the word sky, and the name of his hometown. How can one explain the spirit that exists in the infinite of the open sky and in the roots of your hometown?  


Enzo Celli, Founder and Artistic Director of VIVO Ballet, is an acclaimed dancer, educator, and choreographer. In 1995, Celli founded Botega, a Rome-based dance company. From 1996-2015, Celli and Botega toured internationally and performed works on theatres including: La Cigale in Paris, Na Strastnom Theatre in Moscow, National Theatre of Belgrade in Serbia, Teatro Guaíra in Brazil, and Peridance Capezio Theater In 2015, Celli founded his New York based company VIVO Ballet, and helped launch the VIVO Ballet Professional Training Center. In 2018, Enzo Celli officially moved to New York and is currently on Faculty teaching regular classes at Steps on Broadway, Gibney Dance, and Peridance Capezio Center.



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