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Alice Nardi 

Are you gonna be there? (video/dance installation)


Choreographer: Alice Nardi / Additional Credits:  Elisabetta Porcinai  / Performer: Alice Nardi / Duration: 20:00


It's a performative installation that aims to melt the sentiments of intimacy and lose in their constant interconnection and reconstruction during identification processes.


Alice Nardi is an independent artist and choreographer active in Europe and New York. Devoted to martial arts since her childhood and with a diploma in Humanitarian Emergencies, she has a background in peacekeeping, which lately evolved into a deep call for transformative processes within her performative practice on stage. She took part of SounDance encounters Berlin, B.arts.U. and currently collaborates with various dancers, musicians, artists and choreographers. Her work is shown at different venues from independent studios to established theaters, to galleries and private sites.



 Li Chiao-Ping Dance USA



Choreographer: Li Chiao-Ping / Consultant: Patrick Rumble /Music: Julia McConahay, “Violin Drone” by Listening Center & Mikkel Hesse,  “O'Fortuna” by Spiritual Project / Costumes: Li Chiao-Ping /Lighting Design: John Frautschy / Performers:Constance Anderson, Kimi Evelyn, Lauren John, Lyndsay Lewis, Li Chiao-Ping, Elisbaeth Roskopf, and Ying Xu / Duration: 15:00


Li Chiao-Ping's Fortuna is a new work that takes its inspiration from the dolce stil novo poetic style made famous by poet Dante Alighieri in his "Divine Comedy”. Virgil explains the nature of goddess Fortuna as a deity of chance and luck to Dante in the seventh canto of “Inferno”.


One of Dance Magazine’s “25 to watch”, Li Chiao-Ping choreographs for stage, screen, and other sites. Her work has been shown at major festivals: Jacob’s Pillow, Bates, The Yard, ADF, amongst others. Recipient of grants from the NEA and MAP Fund; fellowships from the Wisconsin Arts Board and Scripps/ADF Humphrey-Weidman-Limon; and numerous honors—the subject of two documentaries, Fulbright Specialist Reviewer and Roster, and Outstanding Woman of Color in Education Award recipient. Professor in the UW-Madison Dance Department, she is one of two artists ever awarded a Vilas Research Professorship, one of the highest honors bestowed by the  university.




Futuremellon/not yet - Ariadne Mikou  (Film) GR/ IT 

Nobody Building (Film)



Director: futuremellon/not yet art/ Performer: Ariadne Mikou / Camera: Silvia Zago

Music: The Haunting Green / Duration: 1:26


No challenge, no display, no property, no belonging. We are not meant to make sense of your market's failures. Art? Shouldn’t be born where your factories have died. But WHILE your factories are dying.


Futuremellon/not yet art is an art-research collaboration that started in 2011 between dance artist-researcher Ariadne Mikou (GR) and independent arts & culture producer Andrea Bonadio (IT). Their projects are developed in time nurturing artistic processes and creating performative or screen-based events that are constantly questioned, expanded and developed in the future



ECS/Susie McHugh + Dancers  USA

Oblivion (excerpt)


Choreographer: Susanne McHugh / Music: Olafur Arnalds, Julia Kent, Yann Tiersen edited by Susanne McHugh / Costumes: Nick Greenwald and Susanne McHugh / Performers: Diane Auriol, Morgan Hurst, Roza Savelyeva, Isaiah DaSilva Schmitt, Ellen Sickenberger / Duration: 10:00


Oblivion illustrates the differing ways mental illness can manifest in individuals. Through a stylized movement vocabulary made up of constrained isolations, emotive theatricality, and gesture analysis,“Oblivion” gives the viewer an inside look into the mind of someone struggling to find a way to cope with having a mental illness.


Susanne McHugh began college at SUNY Purchase's Conservatory of Dance, obtaining a BFA in dance with honors. She was the recipient of the Nadia Chilkousky Nahumck Award for Creativity and Dance-Making for her senior thesis "Choke". She is now artistic director of Susie McHugh + Dancers as well as a freelance dancer for Asya Zlatina.  Susanne was fortunate to be one of the eight choreographers selected to participate in the Ann and Weston Hicks Choreography Fellows Program at Jacob’s Pillow in August of 2018.


Abe Abraham (Film) USA

Salt Water


Director & Choreographer: Abe Abraham / Director of Photography: Frankie DeMarco / Performers: Daniel White, Izabela Szylinska, Caitlin Abraham and Jake Warren / Duration: 5:52


Salt Water explores the contrast between the force of natural events and our own need and desire for stability.


As the artistic director of Abanar, Abe Abraham created video-art works that feature dancers from some of the leading dance companies in the works, including Alvin Ailey, New York City Ballet, Complecions, Shen Wei, Stephen Petronio, and Dutch National Ballet.  His most recent work “Salt Water” has appeared in over twenty-five film festivals exhibitions around the globe and has won several awards including Best Film at the 31st MSFF in Trondheim, Norway, Best Editing at ANSFF in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the Nova Prize in New York City.


LineOut Dance Company  IT


Choreographer: Mauro Bocchi / Manager: Rosangela Dell’Olio / Music: Marco Schiavoni
Performers: Alice Zucconi / Duration: 10:00 


INTO, meant as “inside”, is born from an experimentation that links the sound with the inner reality. The relation with the Tibetan bell marks this bond: it highlights the initial shallowness compared with the essence.


The Italian company is born in 2010 from an artistic idea by the choreographers and dancers Mauro Bocchi and Anna Gasparini. LineOut creates a motion that blends energy and smoothness, highlights body and gestural expression, emphasizes the synergy between dancers and solid basic technique in order to feel, revolutionize and articulate the motion of the body.  The company works on both shows and choreographic workshops in order to let dancers experience the work on which the style of the company is based. 


Iuvenis Danza/ Davide Biancheria IT

District (Film)


Director: Davide Biancheria / Choreographer: Greta Bragantini - Giovanna Venturini / Photographer: Giuseppe Gredella / Music: Daniel Birch, Schemawound, Parvus Decree, Nctrnm, Sea of Aland, Mise Carling, by Meydan / Additional Credits: Fondazione Comunita’ Mantovana Onlus / Props: CR E ATIV E LAB / Performers: Lin Da Battocchio, Martina Beraldo, Efren Bressan, Benedetta Cordioli, Luca Ghedini, Alessandra Piano, Monica Zanotti / Duration: 12:00


DISTRICT is a short documentary that tries to display the life in the tough neighborhood d of Lunetta (Mantova, Italy) , characterized by immigration , petty crime and cultural integration problems. It would like to show how dance can be a strong instrument of communication, going beyond any kind of differences and life troubles. 


Iuvenis Danza is a Contemporary Dance Company, based in the North of Italy, founded on 2010 by Greta Bragantini . As time went by Iuvenis Danza had the opportunity to work with a number of choreographers including Giovanna Venturini, who currently co-directs the company. Iuvenis Danza involves professional dancers and it is absolutely self - funded. The company creates a variety of performances, from full length to site - specifics ones.


Vivo Ballet/ Enzo Celli  IT/USA



Choreographer: Enzo Celli / Music: Glenn Gould / Performers: Michael Wright, Nikki Holck, Rebecca Sandlin, Vivake Khamsingavth, Marta Bianchi, Facundo Ebenegger, Elisabetta Minutoli, Siddarth Dutta / Duration: 30 min


Sora exhibits a raw, primitive action of pure dance; trying to catch a glimpse of the "carnal soul" that lives in each of us. With this, Celli has come upon the significance of the word Sora; both the Japanese translation for the word sky, and the name of his hometown. How can one explain the spirit that exists in the infinite of the open sky and in the roots of your hometown?  


Enzo Celli, Founder and Artistic Director of VIVO Ballet, is an acclaimed dancer, educator, and choreographer. In 1995, Celli founded Botega, a Rome-based dance company. From 1996-2015, Celli and Botega toured internationally and performed works on theatres including: La Cigale in Paris, Na Strastnom Theatre in Moscow, National Theatre of Belgrade in Serbia, Teatro Guaíra in Brazil, and Peridance Capezio Theater In 2015, Celli founded his New York based company VIVO Ballet, and helped launch the VIVO Ballet Professional Training Center. In 2018, Enzo Celli officially moved to New York and is currently on Faculty teaching regular classes at Steps on Broadway, Gibney Dance, and Peridance Capezio Center.


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