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Corinne Dardé - Virgilio Sieni  FR/IT

Madri e figli_Padri e figli   (Film)


Director:  Corinne Dardé / Choreographer:  Virgilio Sieni / Music:  Michele Rabbia / Duration: 40:00


This film aims to trace the creation process of Madri e figli_Padri e Figli, filmed in the context of the International Choreographic Encounters of Seine-Saint-Denis. Which filiations are born through the body?  Working with non-dancers, Virgilio Sieni goes in search of an archeology of gestures, deeply buried.


Corinne Dardé is a French documentarist and camera operator graduated from the Louis Lumiere school. She has made creative documentaries on art and dance.She is a frequent collaborator with choreographers and theater producers.



Michele Manzini  IT

Snags in Palladio (Film) 


Director: Michele Manzini/ Choreographer: Barbara Canal / Music: Michele Manzini /Editing: Valeria Lo Meo /Director of Photography: Luciano Perbellini /Performers: Barbara /Canal and Denise Brigo, Giulia Eberle, Claudia Mantese, Valentina Mantese, Eleonora Pasin, Elisa Zanetti /Duration: 6:03


In the modern era, when tensions and contradictions become so bitter and extreme as to threaten the destiny of humankind, the concept of beauty reappears as an idea that makes differences visible without destroying them. It is at this point that the enigma of beauty is unveiled, revealing its complex, paradoxical and contradictory nature.


Michele Manzini’s work develops through the use of a wide variety of media, among which video, photography, installations, writing, and performances. His videos have been selected for important international festivals and have been screened at the Saitama Arts Theater in 2015; the Perez Art Museum Miami, 2016; the ZKM in Karlsruhe, 2017; the Nevada Museum of Art, 2017 and the Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2017. In 2009 he was awarded the Terna prize for contemporary art.



QBC Company - Tsa Hsi Hung TAIWAN



Choreographer: Tsai Hsi Hung / Music: Joe Fee / Percussion: Joe Fee, Adam Forman / Piano: Ed Fritz / Bass: Laurence Goldman / Violin: Sana Nagano/ Shakuhachi: Adam Robinson / Voice: Luisa Muhr / Performers: David Parker, Arzu Salman, Meghann Padgett, Hannah Maria /  Duration:15:00


It’s dark, before sunrise, I hold the vessel facing the rising sun, Just before dawn the wind rises across the sea (bells come in here), When the light is strong enough, at a certain moment, Thea puts a god’s mask on her face.


Tsai Hsi Hung is the director of the QBC Company (Queens Ballet Center Company). QBC is a versatile ensemble drawing on a wide range of influences from traditional Chinese dance to modern contemporary. Hung's choreography reflects her experience as a dancer, painter, and stage designer and has been performed throughout the United States as well as China, Taiwan, and Australia. Her work explores the nature of opposing forces, where the dancers represent aspects of a person's mind or the conflict inherent in relationships.



Vito Alfarano  IT 

Il mio Grido  (FIlm)


Director: Vito Alfarano/ Choreographer: Vito Alfarano / Music: Simone Pizzardo & Camilla Ferrari / Photography: Ludovico Guglielmo and Cesare Grandi / Editing: Alessandro Gasperotto / Co-production: Fabula Saltica - AlphaZTL Compagnia d’Arte Dinamica - Partners GoMotion / Video made thanks to: the Ministry of Justice, Department of Penitentiary, PRAP of Padua and the direction of the prison / Performers: Prisoners of the prison of Rovigo / Duration: 7:42


Made in prison is an emotion that between body and sound becomes art. “White background” eliminates the possibility of placement in space and “nudity” expresses power, softness and fragility. On the screen the viewer will not see the prisoner, but the MAN. Their voices and electronic sounds compose original music.


Vito Alfarano is the director of AlphaZTL Company of Dynamic Art based in Brindisi (Italy) deals of contemporary dance, video art and publishing working also with prisoners, immigrants, psychiatric detention patients,  deaf people, and with Down Syndrome. As  video dance director, his videos are selected and screened in over 70 world festivals receiving a special mention from the former President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano


Balletto di Sardegna - ASMED IT



Choreographer: Sara Pischedda, Luca Castellano / Music: AAV/  Performers & Props: Sara Pischedda, Luca Castellano / Duration: 20:00

An ASMED-Balletto di Sardegna production, with the funding of the Ministry for Culture, Arts and Heritage and of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy) / In collaboration with ACS Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo 


A performance that mirrors and in the meantime investigates nowadays society, which is addicted to media and, in general, to technology. Television, smartphones, social networks: external factors which apparently have a strong influence on our everyday life, on our behavior and social interactions, which lead us to standardization.


Founded in 1979, Asmed-Balletto di Sardegna is the first dance company of Sardinia officially recognized by public institutions. Always interested in experimenting the multi various languages of contemporary dance and in researching new contaminations among the arts, throughout its thirty-year history Asmed has collaborated with many prominent figures of the international contemporary dance and dance theatre scene, choreographers and directors, as well as with emerging artists.


Intermission - Trina Mannino  (Dance Installation) USA

Brutta ma Buona  


Choreographer: Trina Mannino / Collaborator: Carol Chave / Weaving: Carol Chav /Performers: Trina Mannino, Carol Chave / Duration: 15:00


Brutta ma Buona features dance artist Trina Mannino and artist Carol Chave who will weave onstage in the vein of Tappeti Ericini, an ancient tradition still done today by female artisans in the Sicilian village Erice. The project explores womanhood in relation to the family unit and how past trauma shapes our social fabric.

Trina Mannino’ choreographies have been presented at The Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn, The Detroit City Dance Festival at the Detroit Institute of Art, The Estrogenius Festival at the Kraine Theater in New York City, and Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, among others. Her writing on dance and performance has appeared in Atlas Obscura, Brooklyn Rail, Dance Europe Magazine, The Dance Enthusiast, and Vice. She was a 2018 Brooklyn Arts Council Recipient.


LineOut Dance Company - Mauro Bocchi IT

Se(i)ntieri Dieci Mondi


Choreographer: Mauro Bocchi /Collaborator: Rosangela Dell’ Olio /Music: Marco Schiavoni  / Performers: Anna Gasparini, Antonio Buonaiuto, Beatrice Castelli, Alice Zucconi / Duration:  24:00


This work was born inspired by Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhist philosophy (1200), which affirms that in each human being exist ten worlds or states of life, that each individual experiences moment by moment in daily life. The choreographic work is represented by the theme of deafness, takes shape with the sign language and is structured in monologues and dialogues between the dancers and the public. Gesture (language) becomes movement. When we raise our eyes from the demands of everyday life and strive to understand ourselves then we transform every kind of suffering starting only from us.


LineOut creates a motion that blends energy and smoothness, highlights body and gestural expression, emphasizes the synergy between dancers and solid basic technique in order to feel, revolutionize and articulate the motion of the body. The company works on both shows and choreographic workshops in order to let dancers experience the work on which the style of the company is based

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