About IDACO nyc


            “I’m not interested in how people move; I’m interested in what makes them move.”

                                                                                                                                    Pina Baush


IDACO nyc is a platform for Italian artists visiting and living in New York, and for New York artist who want to take part in a dialogue with Italian culture, to explore and share their unique paths through movement and choreographic language, as well as visual arts.


IDACO nyc wants to create space for new collaborations and offer a supportive, inspiring, creative environment for dancers, movers, performance artists, video artists, musicians, and in general creative people interested in the "art of movement".

Through the connection between Dance and other forms of contemporary Art, we will tell stories of our time.



IDACO Mission

IDACO’s mission is to connect Italian choreographers and artists who live in New York City, with the local contemporary art scene. We want to encourage networking and artistic research between the multiple creative resources of NYC performing arts. We aim to offer an artistic platform with the goal to cross cultural boundaries and cultivate a sense of shared identity.



ABOUT IDACO 2020 - U-MAN ACTION (Equality, Climate - Rights - Peace)

The next edition in 2020 will give space to another global challenge. 

"U-MAN ACTION" will focus on decision-making, impact, and collective responsibilities. 



ABOUT THE PAST - IDACO 2015/16/17/18/19

In 2015, the first edition of this event week had a strong significance to the audience, stimulating its curiosity by presenting a unique collaboration between American and Italian artists in NYC, working independently or within organizations, coming from different disciplines and using a wide array of media.

The curators boldly aimed for connecting artists, cultures, and communities, while presenting exciting work for their audience, bringing inter-cultural dialogue to the forefront, and encouraging a global vision of ART.


In 2016 IDACO nyc focused on the disorienting and on the stimulating nature of cultural, gender, ethnic and class differences, which are connected to our personal, as much as to our group, identity.


In 2017 IDACO's theme was "TransformAction"  how art is transformed in response to the  change that affect our lives.


In 2018 IDACO's theme was INTER ZONE / Junction raising interest toward the importance of meeting, joining and overcoming distances. This effort may lead to a zone in between, a shared space held for artists of different nations to come close to one another.


In 2019 IDACO focused on DIVER/CITY. DIVER/CITY in Unity based on an understanding that difference enriches human interactions.


IDACO nyc team

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